Invitation to Non-Profit Healthcare Associations to create Social Media Activities at Global Healthcare Network

<![CDATA[The Global Healthcare Network <> , worlds most innovative healthcare networking site dedicated for Global Healthcare Professionals inviting Health Associations, Medical Associations and Non Profit Healthcare organizations to create their own dedicated social networking group on the Global Healthcare Network site, this will allow associations to invite their regular members to become part of the group so they can do own dedicated social media activities with their group.

What’s more the Global Healthcare Network will promote association’s group to thousands of member of Global Healthcare Network and thousands of visitors that they come from more than 3000 cities, 90 countries to the site. The Network will also send press releases to help associations to promote their services.

There isn’t any charge or fees associated with this, it’s absolutely free and no strings attached. The Global Healthcare Network is just creating better healthcare networking platform for all healthcare professionals, and heaving healthcare association will add great values for network, associations and visitors.

Associations can have group branded with their own logos; also they will have reasonable control of the group they create.

Please send us email at [email protected] if you are representative of any medical/health associations. We will be delighted to help you further. Please visit us at to know more about us.


About Global Healthcare Network

Global Healthcare Network is a one of it’s kind site which provide latest healthcare news updates carefully selected from 100,000+ news resources. At the same time this unique site offers social media networking opportunities for thousands of global healthcare professionals across all platforms.

Apart from regular members, thousands of new visitors from 100+ countries visit the site every week, making this site a truly Global Healthcare News & Networking site.

Embrace Global Healthcare Networking. Learn. Share. Network.]]>

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