High-dose cholesterol-lowering statins may increase cancer risk

statins the hmg coa reductase inhibitorsIf you are suffering from high cholesterol levels that make you vulnerable to cardiovascular disease risks, then be aware of the drug you are using.

Contrary to the research that claims ‘statins‘ appear to protect against the development of lung cancer, the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors — the commonly used pharmaceutical agents – it has been recently claimed to be ‘increasing the risk for developing cancer!

Though, the secret of the drugs’ damaging liver and muscle cells as side-effects are not known yet, its increased cancer risk is recently discovered by a new study.

With higher dosage of statin, the toxicity levels of liver increases. But, the link between the low levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and liver or muscle irritation could not be found.

The leader of the research team, Richard H. Karas at Tufts University School of Medicine said,

This analysis doesn’t implicate the statin in increasing the risk of cancer. The demonstrated benefits of statins in lowering the risk of heart disease remain clear; however, certain aspects of lowering LDL with statins remain controversial and merit further research.

So, the finding of these cancer-causing side effects by the high-dose statins suggests one to resort to taking multiple medications inspite.


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