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Focus on rural healthcare is essential for building healthy nations


Health care is the backbone of every nation. A sector that brings prosperity to all others. A healthy body is necessary to take any nation on the flight towards development and well-being.  In order to become a welfare state, it becomes mandatory for that nation to meet its health care status to internationally accepted level. A true judge and measure of a nation’s health care are the services so provided in the rural areas. The health services are to be top-notch in the rural setting as well when it comes to talking about improving and accelerating the development ride. However, several problems keep rural areas away from quality services.

Accessibility: In the less developed nations, accessibility to the health centers is a massive problem. The health centers in rural areas do not connect to the roads and the conveyance for the same proves to be another hassle. The patients are not able to make it in time to the health centers and go away empty-handed.

Quality health care: Most health care centers based in the rural areas of poor nations do not provide quality health care. They face many challenges related to money issues in providing better services.

Accountability:  The workers of the rural health centers of LDCs generally lack accountability and have a laid-back approach.

Technology:  Rural health centers are the way they are mainly because of the non-availability of technology. In poor nation’s leave aside bringing in the latest technology, basic technology at hand is also a boon. Health is one sector where growth is manifolds once the technology is latest and refined.

In order to make any nation a healthy nation, the quality of health services in rural areas needs rectification in many ways. Right from bringing in reforms at the grass-root level to taking expert help, everything has to be organized, planning, directed, and controlled. A regulated amount of monetary funds should be channelized towards this front for making noticeable improvements in this particular sector.

Rural dynamics need understanding and making adjustments accordingly. A positive transformation in the health care services in the rural sectors will help to be a nation a healthy one in all regards. The key is to understand rural needs and catering them in accordance.


Rural health care services show the real picture of a nation’s development; the mirror which shows the direct reflection of the inside body of the much-regulated system. Quality healthcare services and facilities in the rural areas are the first steps towards making your nation healthy.]]>

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