Electronic Health Record research contradicts conventional thought


Electronic health records* (**EHRs) have been touted as a means of improving the quality of care in the United States. Conventional wisdom holds that younger *physicians* **might be more likely to adopt EHR functionality. *

However, new research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) finds that contrary to conventional wisdom, older physicians who are clinically busier and see more complex patients were more likely to use novel EHR functionality than younger clinicians

“It is important to understand the characteristics of clinicians who are either more or less likely to use newer EHR functionality. This understanding could aid developers and health system leaders in more efficiently targeting design and implementation efforts,” said Jeffrey Linder, MD, MPH, lead author of the paper and a Primary Care physician-researcher at BWH.

Ref and Read more: http://www.healthcanal.com/public-health-safety/21092-Older-Busier-Clinicians-More-Likely-Adopt-New-Electronic-Health-Record-Functionality.html


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