Easy precautions to ensure the pedicure last longer


It is indeed a difficult task to make your pedicure last longer with the feet in action throughout the day. From the constriction of the shoes, to stubbing of the toes and speed walking – all ruin the innocent pedicure. Here is how you can make your pedicure last longer. Read on and pamper your feet!

1. Moisturize your feet

Remember or note down to moisturize your feet after taking a shower evenly across the whole area of the feet. Moisturizing helps in keeping your feet looking fresh and supple the whole time ensuring the pedicure to last longer. For moisturizer, you can choose a foot cream or cream containing cuticle oils or soothing scented oils so as to ensure the feet to smell fresh.

2. Avoid socks

Try to avoid wearing close toed shoes or socks after getting your pedicure for at least 8 to 12 hours. It will be much better if you can avoid wearing those till two days. Avoiding wearing close toed shoes or socks will help in preventing the ruining of pedicure, leading to retaining the pedicure much longer. Also, it will help to make the pedicure firm.

3. Same shade nail polish

The shade of nail polish that you always get for your toes in the salon, try getting the same shade at your home as well. This will help in doing touch ups at home long after you have got the pedicure done, and would help in retaining the pedicure much longer.

4. French pedicures

If you have gotten a french pedicure, make sure to own that little bottle of nail polish of the white color. If you don’t have one, go back to the salon and make sure to buy the same shade which have been applied on your nails. If you want a little change or get enticed by a certain nail polish color buy that and apply it on your toe nails.

5. Applying nail polish

After getting the nail polish from the salon, make sure to apply a clear top coat of it on your nails on every other day from the day you got the pedicure. Applying a clear top coat on the nails will ensure keeping the nail looking fresh and beautiful every day thus leading to retaining the pedicure much longer. Also it will minimize your chances of the color chipping.

6. Avoid the pool

After getting the pedicure avoid the pool for about 2 days. The pool water consists of chlorine which breaks down the nail polish leading to color chipping and henceforth ruining of the pedicure. So, in order to retain the pedicure much longer, you should stay away from the swimming pool for as long as you can.

7. Exfoliating scrub

If there is urgent need to wear the close toed shoes for the office or you decide to get the pedicure at home, then remember to clean your feet with an exfoliating scrub so as to get rid of the rough and tough patches and to remove the dead skin you can get from wearing the shoes and the socks. Rub the dry areas with a pumice stone.

8. Soak your feet

Before starting with your own at home pedicure or to retain the salon pedicure much longer, make sure to soak your feet in a bucket full of warm water for like 5 to 10 minutes so as to soften the skin or to keep the pedicure looking fresh and beautiful. You can add bath oils and peppermint scented oils for an instant aromatherapy and for a more soothing experience.

9. Trim nails

While going on with your own personal at-home pedicures, make sure to trim your nails. You can start by trimming across in a straight way rather than starting in a curved fashion. While trimming, make sure that you do it comfortably without damaging the beautiful shape of your toenails. Starting in a straight fashion will help you in guarding against the painful ingrown toe nails.

10. Clear base coat

While applying nail polish during your at-home pedicure, make sure to get started with a clear base coat as it will prevent the nails from yellowing. Let it dry and after that add one layer of the color. After that you add a second coat of the color then another coat, so as to make the polish last longer. Let the feet remain still for the polish to dry for about 30 minutes.

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