DIY hacks that ease up your beauty routine

Beauty routine is something we all follow to brush up our personalities every day and we all consider it as important as any other vital activity in our lives. However, sometimes, especially during mornings, the already tight schedule does not allow some of us to do our beauty routine to perfection or to satisfaction.

That new hairstyle you want to try, applying eyeliner, or layers of facial makeup to get a face ready for the entire day, are some activities that can take quite a bit of time. Beauty hacks that save time can come to our rescue in such moments. Here are some of the best DIY beauty hacks you can try to save your time and money and look gorgeous.

De-frizzing curls

Managing curly hair is tougher than straight and soft hair but not when you know some hacks. The frizz in curly hair is the most annoying thing you experience. You wash your hair, rub them with a towel, and your curls turn into frizzy mess. Here is one beauty hack you can use in this situation – don’t use a towel to rub your hair, rather wrap them in a cotton cloth. Squeeze out water from your hair and then wrap them in the cotton turban to dry that you can make with your cotton shirt as well, and you will get non-frizzy curls.

Tune those slippery bobby pins

You do an updo hairstyle but all that you experience is the urge to keep those bobby pins in place because they are too slippery on your hair. Here comes a pro tip for you, put the bobby pin upside down in your hair, as in the smooth side up and the ridged side down (closest to your scalp). This position gives a good hold to the pins, and lets them hold strong to the hair. Yet another thing you can do to give bobby pins a sturdy hold is to spray some hairspray or shampoo and let them dry before use.

Tame your baby hair

You have managed to make an ideal hairstyle that you were craving for but there is one thing that is eclipsing the ideal look of your hairdo is your baby hair. Baby hairs along the hairline look messy and out of control, but you can tame them with an old toothbrush. Apply some hair spray or a hair softening serum onto the toothbrush and brush your baby hair with it, they will smoothen and appear no frizzier.

Put mayonnaise on hair

This one technique has worked wonders on some women’s hair including some big celebrities. Apply mayonnaise on the bottom half of your hair before going for a shower. This wondrous hack protects your hair from the damage over shampooing does to your hair. Mayonnaise locks the moisture inside, which even shampooing cannot take away.

Lipstick on your teeth

Lipstick looks good on your lips but not at all on your teeth. However, sometimes either owing to hurry or the improper application of lipstick leads to its stains on your lips. One very easy and fun beauty hack can save you from this awkward situation. Apply lipstick, put your index finger in your mouth and close your lips. Slide your finger out, and you will see all the extra lipstick on your finger, which means now there is no more extra lipstick on your lips waiting to stick onto your teeth.

Beauty routines are integral parts of our lives but sometimes it gets difficult for us to follow it owing ti the lack of time. However, if one knows some clever beauty hacks that save time, one can easily follow their beauty routine everyday with quite an ease.

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