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Dieting can trigger smoking practices among women

risk of smoking greater in girls who commence diet

Are you into crash dieting to get rid of those extra pounds you have gathered on your waist or thighs? And, if you are actually banking on those rigorous ones, then you may soon fall victim to ‘greater smoking’!

Bizarre a link though apparently, its fact that females who diet are more likely to engage in smoking behaviors – may be to suppress the appetite!

It has been found that, just after initiating diet the odds of smoking get doubled, though a similar link is not found among boys. One reason may be their less likely to diet than girls.

The lead author of the study and a UF assistant professor of epidemiology and health policy research, Mildred Maldonado-Molina, Ph.D said,

Dieting was a significant predictor of initiation of regular smoking among females.

We were expecting that this relationship was going to be stronger among females. That has been well-documented, especially because (nicotine) can suppress your appetite.

Although, all the campaigns and policies against smoking during the last decade had successfully lowered smoking trends among adolescents, it is all ‘diet and the bid to suppress appetite’, that has undone the ventures to a large extend. On the other hand, obesity can’t also be ignored.

Thus, a line between rigorous dieting and obesity needs to be drawn – exercise being the wisest and affordable solution.


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