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With the increased penetration of the International Board of Medicine andSurgery (IBMS) in global healthcare marketplace more and more individualsnot only view the internet site of IBMS but also call to verify credentialsand seek additional confidence in deciding to seek medical care abroad. Manyhave already done a great deal of research into their quest, and yet theystill seek additional confidence in formulating an informed decision.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi,an IBMS Medical Advisory Board member, has just released adigital medical tourism guidebook, presently available at comprehensive medical tourism guidebook by a leader in the developmentof this industry sheds a global perspective on the medical tourism industryand what one needs to do and expect from such an experience. Dr. Jagyasidiscusses all facets from finding a doctor, traveling, facilitators,accreditation, and focuses on specific countries and their medical tourismprograms-another effort in helping the individual make an informed decision.

In the meantime, the medical tourism industry is working diligently toupgrade standards of facilitators who lead the potential patient to aspeicalized healthcare service. The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) underthe guidance of Renee Stephano, Esquire and President, has developed afacilitator certification program, and additional certifying companies areworking to train medical tourism and travel company representatives in thespecifics of facilitating not just a travel experience, but a uniqueaccommodation to the health and well-being of the individual, especially onerequiring post-operative care in a culturally different setting.

In the end, the goal is patient satisfaction with the intimate union createdin this effort to develop global initiatives in the patient/doctorrelationship, hopefully achieving the goal of “better health”, moreproductivity, overcoming physical/mental impairments, and finding uniquesolutions to one’s personal desire to actualize oneself.


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