Can weight training help the development of your children?

Weight training generally helps in toning and developing the body muscles. In the case of children, weight training plays an important role. It helps in enhancing the density of their muscles and makes them stronger from inside. There is a common misconception regarding weight training. Most parents considered it harmful and do not include weight training in the physical exercise routine of their children.


However, this is a mistake because it is necessary for the healthy development of the kids. Regular weight training makes the children disciplined and fitter. When they feel fit, they also realize the benefits of physical exercise better. The habit of regular exercising can be beneficial for the overall health of the kids.

The reason why weight training is believed to be harmful for children is that there are gaps between their growth plates. The growth plates can develop due to the presence of these gaps. According to the myth, the muscle training or strength training can reduce the gaps between the growth plates. If there is little gap left between two growth plates then they will not be able to grow further. This may lead to growth complications in children.


The truth is that weight training does not work in the same manner in the children as it does in the adults. In adults weight training helps in the fast growth of the muscles. However, in the case of children lightweight training does not build muscles but increases the strength of their bones and the density of the muscles. There are weight-training exercises, which have been designed especially for the development of children.

The special weight training exercises for children are capable of improving the body repair mechanism of children. As a result, the damages from injuries get healed easily. Parents should take some precautionary measures for making the weight training exercises for children more beneficial.

 Kids eating a healthy meal

For example, kids should be given a light but nutritious meal rich in carbohydrates before they perform the weight training exercises. Proper warm up before the weight training is necessary or else kids may suffer from muscle cramps.

The trainers should keep a 2 days gap between two weight-training sessions. Apart from the physical benefits, weight training also makes the kids confident if done right.


Weight training is good for the development of the kids. It helps in increasing their muscle density and bone strength.

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