Are your brave enough to chug Cockroach Milk?

The news about the cockroach milk myth seems to be trending a lot everywhere. It may sound quite annoying, but it seems that insect milk can give the body some health benefits and make the immunity stronger. Insect milk is full of protein, which is why it is considered an excellent food supplement. There are still researches and studies going on to understand possible benefits of cockroach milk, and so far, it seems that insects like cockroaches have good amount of proteins, sugar and fat.

Regular Milk or Sugar Milk

chug Cockroach Milk

A study compared regular cow milk with cockroach milk. It was found that as compared to cow milk, cockroach milk had high amount of proteins. It was also determined that not every liquid found in cockroaches can be claimed to be “pure milk”.  Insects tend to survive on the crystal form of proteins for their growth and development. Such protein supplies the energy which is more than what you get from buffalo/cow milk.

How cockroaches produce milk

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There was a study on one of the species of cockroach, the Diploptera punctata. This is the only species of cockroach with the ability to bring live babies out from the mother’s body. In case of other species, mother lay eggs outside her body. Diploptera Punctata nourish their babies with liquid rich in proteins that is secreted by the brood sac.

Once the little babies start ingesting the liquid, it results in protein crystals. The protein crystal is believed to offer many health benefits and has insulin which improves the digestion process. This milk is also filled with several nutrients and vitamins.

Cockroach milk, anyone?

As it was found that cockroach milk is good for proteins that our body requires, the next step scientist decided was to figure out a viable process of extraction. For this, scientists carved the midgut of cockroach with the help of a scalpel. Due to which it was possible to harvest the milk that actually had the proteins crystal. The process is pretty simple and does not take much time. The trick to get the right amount of milk is by harvesting it at the right stage. This process is inexpensive and an easy way to get milk from cockroaches.

Reasons that make cockroach milk a perfect food

The milk, as stated earlier, is rich in proteins which our body needs in routine life. With cockroach milk, you get twice and thrice more proteins as compared to that of cow and buffalo. Other than this, cockroach milk also has essential amino acids that help in cell growth. For keeping the digestion process healthy, the lipid content of this milk is helpful.

As the milk is glycosylated, the protein that you get has a thin layer sugar on it due to which you get efficient energy to start your day with great enthusiasm.

Is it really possible to drink cockroach milk?


Cockroach milk does not quite fit the image of what we generally consider to be “milk”. It does not necessarily have a liquid structure, but it has been found as a crystalline substance. Some scientists suggest that rather than drinking cockroach milk, it would be more preferably taken in the form of pill. Take it in any way the good part is you will get all the necessary nutrients from it.

Liquid protein diet

Scientists have found that people who wish to lose weight, often go on liquid protein diet. This diet gives the best stamina to digest the solid food in near future. However, as you lessen down the solid intake, it eventually means, you may lose the necessary body nutrients consumption. At such time, you can go for this protein diet and include the cockroach milk in the same and your body will never run out of vitamins and minerals.

Cow milk alternative

cow milk alternatives

It will be a while before cockroach milk becomes viable, but cow and buffalo milk are here to stay. Other than this, soy milk, almond milk, and cashew milk, to name a few, are excellent sources of nutrients that can help your body stay fit and healthy.

So even after so many benefits of cockroach milk yet there is no such cow milk alternative

The milk available from insects is best used today for the purpose of supplement as it is highly nutritious and full of protein.

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