A bowl of tomato soup can boost men's fertility

tomato soup boosts fertility

Good news for the tomato soup lovers! Now you have an extra reason to enjoy another bowl of that yummy hot tomato soup to pamper your desires, especially ‘men.’ Yes, men who need to or are willing to boost their fertility, this is just the right recipe (or call it the remedy) for you – just a bowl of steaming, spicy and creamy tomato soup.

The secret of it lies in all that gives tomato its bright red color – lycopene. The UK-based University of Portsmouth researchers have found that a significant rise in lycopene in a man’s semen can amazingly turn sperm into super-sperm!

It is the higher levels of the antioxidant that pops up ‘harmful free radicals’ in the body, which turn out to be a blessing for many guys. Yes, it is this, which eventually increases fertility.

Beneficial health properties of tomatoes and their products are known for ages. But, the lycopene’s this account has been spotted for the first time.

But, it is not yet known, which part of the lycopene actually helps boost fertility. Whatever, the study is ground breaking in the field of drug research that may help cure infertility in men.

Ah! Though it is yet to be proved, it seems the other lycopene-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon, grapefruit, guava and papaya may also help boost men’s fertility.

So men! It’s time to reformulate your diet habits once again.

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