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9 Tips for naturally easing depression symptoms


In the 21st century, depression has become a very pertinent issue among teenagers and older people alike. Hence, identifying the symptoms becomes quite important. It is usually advisable to seek the guidance of a medical practitioner in case of chronic depression. It is also important to keep an eye out for symptoms of depression among your peers. Teenage adolescents are often most susceptible to depression. In a situation where the symptoms are identified, it can be possible to use tricks for naturally easing depression symptoms.

Tips for naturally easing depression symptoms:

Depression is quite commonDepression is quite common in the society nowadays. Some forms of depression include post-partum depression. Depression can also occur due to change of seasons as in the case of seasonal affective disorder. The conventional method would be to visit a psychiatrist in order to discuss the status of mental health. But a few unconventional ways of dealing with sadness also exist. We shall discuss some unconventional methods of treating mental health issues in the subsequent sections:

  1. Exercise:

heavy exercise It is a known fact that exercise helps to reduce anxiety and stress, increase circulation and release happy hormones. These happy hormones known as endorphins are nature’s barrier against mental health issues. Exercise also prevents health issues and chronic diseases from recurring. It is advisable to engage in heavy exercise for at least 45 minutes each day. A total of 150 minutes should ideally be spent on physical activity each day. This should ensure good mental as well as physical health.

  1. Yoga:

Young woman performing yoga exercises in parkApart from exercise, yoga and meditation are activities which can be used as home remedies for battling depression. Meditation, included within yoga can be used to relieve a person from the grasps of mental issues. Doctors state that meditation combined with yoga is potent enough to change the brain’s chemical combinations. It makes the mind work more efficiently. During yoga, signals are sent back and forth from a person’s brain to the different parts of their body. This makes it both a stimulating and relaxing experience.

  1. Laughter:

LaughterThis is definitely one of the most unconventional ways of dealing with sadness. It is actually ironic that one of the best ways to battle depression is through laughter. But it has indeed been proven that laughter can overall affect the mood of a person. This includes boosted self-confidence which gives a person suffering from social anxiety an added edge in social situations. Laughter also has a positive impact on a person’s physical health. Being optimistic about a person’s health helps to improve their mood and vice-versa.

  1. Aromatherapy:

AromatherapyAromatherapy has been viewed as only a method of relaxation in the past. But studies have shown that it can be used for treating mental health issues as well. This acts on a bio-physiological level and has an immense impact on both the physical and mental aspects of health. It is true that our olfactory sensations have an impact on our moods by altering our emotions. Hence this can be reinforced in a positive way through aromatherapy. Hence pampering yourself with relaxing essential oils can be a key to battling depression by relieving stress.

  1. Green tea:

Green teaGreen tea is foremost among the beverages that can be used as home remedies for naturally easing depression symptoms. The level of antioxidants present in green tea is quite high and this improves the overall health of a person. Improvements in the physical health of a person also have a positive effect on their mental health. Hence green tea is quite effective in order to battle stress and anxiety. Empirical studies show that consuming about 4 cups of green tea can decrease a person’s susceptibility to depression. The presence of amino acids in tea acts as a neural tranquilizer that helps to relieve stress in a person.

  1. Folate and Vitamin B complex:

citrus-fruitsVitamin B6 is quite essential for the body while metabolism of tryptophan and its conversion into serotonin. People who are found to have symptoms of depression usually have decreased levels of Vitamin B12 and Folate. Consumption of food rich in these nutrients may help in naturally easing depression symptoms. Some sources of these foods include poultry foods, legumes, shellfish, citrus fruits and whole grains. If depression occurs in a chronic manner, it might be advisable to take vitamin supplements for these nutrients.

  1. Fish oils:

Fish oilsFish oils are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are quite important for the brain to function at optimum levels. A number of studies have shown that fish oil supplements have a positive effect on fending the body against depression. These fatty acids are quite potent for naturally easing depression symptoms. Daily ingestion of fish oils leads to a reduction in anxiety, depression, sleeping deprivation and sadness. Thus these fatty acids have a positive effect on brain functions and lead to reduced depression symptoms. Foods which are rich in these fatty acids include flaxseeds, walnuts and fish such as salmon and tuna. Fish oils also help to improve the cardiovascular health of a person.

  1. Vitamin D:

Vitamin DWho would have thought that sunlight might be one of the best ways to beat depression? Sunlight is the primary and the best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is quite important for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Not only does it improve bone health, it also has a positive effect on mental health. Accompanied by minerals such as calcium, zinc and iron, Vitamin D can be used for naturally easing depression symptoms. Green leafy vegetables, almonds, fish and meat are the best sources of this vitamin.

  1. Cabbage:

CabbageInterestingly enough, cabbage is a vegetable that can prevent depression. Research conducted has led to the conclusion that it might lower stress levels in the body. It also protects against heart diseases and infections. It is rich in vitamin C and Folic acid, which help to regulate stress levels in the body. Cabbage in the form of salads, soups and curries can be consumed keeping this in mind.

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