8- Healthiest Alternatives to milk for the lactose intolerant

Milk is one of the most complete forms of nutrition as is regarded by the world. From babies to adults all over the world consume milk as a great form of protein and good fats. However not all is good about milk. One of the primary problems faced by a large part of the population is their inability to digest milk. These lactose intolerant people are left with no choice but to look for an alternative to milk. Since milk is such an essential part of a healthy diet, it is by no means an easy task. In this article we are here to assist you to choose one such alternative that will provide you with the same levels of nutrition but without the problems of milk.

Some milk alternatives for the lactose intolerant

  1. Oat milk: You must have heard many health conscious individuals speak highly of oats. The oat milk is made from a mixture of oat and water and is just the right substitute for the lactose intolerant. Due to the naturally sweet taste and many additives making for the perfect taste and texture, it is also a tasty alternative that you can try out. As far as the nutritional value is concerned the calorie count is similar to cow’s milk but the protein and fat content is somewhat lesser. The carbohydrates however are double that of cow’s milk. It is easy to prepare at home and is known to help lower the cholesterol levels or to keep a control of the same.

  2. Soy milk: For the lactose intolerant soy milk acts as the most popular alternative for cow’s milk. Soy milk is widely marketed and sold in cartons and cans. They are sold in several flavors making it a tasty alternative to milk. Soya protein isolate or soyabean is used in the making of soy milk. In some ways it is even considered healthier than milk in general because the protein content is much greater with the calorie count being lesser than cow’s milk. However it should be consumed carefully because it is known to cause hormonal imbalances in adults when consumed a lot.

  3. Almond milk: This is yet another great option for the lactose intolerant to try out. Almond milk is made from almond butter or whole almonds and water. It has a hint of a nutty flavor and is mildly sweet, enough to tickle the taste buds. When added to smoothies tea or coffee it serves the purpose of being the non dairy which serves the purpose same as the dairy product. You cannot however compare it in terms of nutrition of the cow’s milk because from calories to the protein and fat content it is all lesser than the cow milk. But this is still a great option the lactose intolerant has.

  4. Coconut milk: A lot of cuisines in South East Asia and many other parts of the world are incomplete without a good helping of coconut milk in the dishes. Coconut milk is prepared with the white pulpy flesh of the brown coconuts and water. The sweet and subtle flavor that the coconut adds to this milk makes it a fine addition among the various milk substitutes. This may not have the same protein content as cow’s milk but it is also low in the calorie count which makes it a good option for those who are opting for weight loss.

  5. Rice milk: Milled rice or brown rice and water make up this fine milk substitute for the lactose intolerant. This has a somewhat watery texture but if you are willing to try it out you would be pleasantly surprised. Rice milk has decent nutritional values and in comparison to cow’s milk it has the same number of calories. The amount of protein or fat however is lesser while the carbohydrate value is higher in rice milk. With such goodness this is the one to try if you are looking for something different as an alternative and you are tired with the common ones like soy milk.

  6. Cashew milk: Somewhat like almond milk, cashew milk is made up of cashew or cashew butter and water. It is a thick smoothie, just a kind of right thickener and can also do the job when it comes to coffee. The taste is naturally a bit sweet and it has a nutty texture courtesy the presence of cashew as the base constituent. The protein and fat content is very low however and so is the calorie. So if you are lactose intolerant and pick this as your alternative to milk then you may have to look elsewhere to supply your body with protein. Other than this cashew milk can prove to be a great option for you to try out.

  7. Macadamia milk: Macadamia nuts are a treat for many and Macadamia milk for those who are lactose intolerant. It contains just about 3% of macadamia nuts with water but even that gives for a thick texture and consistency. The carbohydrate content of this milk is significantly lower in comparison to cow’s milk and thus it is a great option for the calorie conscious or the people with diabetes to try out. It also has a good helping of mono saturated fats which are beneficial for your body.

  8. Quinoa milk: Quinoa an edible seed is used up to use this milk. The best part of quinoa is that it is gluten free and thus forms a good option for the gluten intolerant. Quinoa milk is new because quinoa as a superfood developed only recently and so the only glitch might be a higher price tag.

Final words

The world has advanced enough and currently you do have the option of choosing from a wide range of non dairy products. Do not ignore the needs of nutrition and with these alternatives to milk get the best for your body. Milk substitutes are not easy to pick and this article will be just the help you need in this regard.

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