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6 Tips to moisturize skin in winters

Winter Dr Prem

Winter, although attributed by cold and snow, has an essence of latent warmth integral to it. This is the time to enjoy the outdoor beauty, the sun and the fire-place. But, be careful about your skin care. This is the duration when your skin can become troubling; and you do not want to spend all the day taking care of your skin. Early preparation for winter can save you from encountering unwanted skin woes.

Spend some time (few minutes are enough) daily for skin care. This will enable you to experience flawless skin, minus any scratches and crusts. The tips given here shall help you enjoy a smooth and lively experience with skin throughout the winter season.


Exfoliation helps in the removal of dead skin cells. Consequently, the skin can absorb more moisture. It is important to exfoliate during winter. It is vital to keep your skin hydrated. When you exfoliate using a gentle scrub which suits your skin, you will allow the moisturizer to get absorbed into the skin in a proper manner. Avoid using soap after removal of scrub. You may use a toner or antiseptic lotion to close the pores after exfoliating. There are many scrubs you can use at home such as sugar scrub (considered one of the best scrubs to exfoliate skin at home), baking soda scrub, avocado scrub, etc. Your skin care should essentially include exfoliation to have a healthy appeal.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing is also important for your skin, even if it is oily. Use natural oils for oily skin type. If you have a combination or dry skin, use a heavier moisturizer during the winter season. Select your moisturizer carefully from the various types available. Applying the moisturizer to your face and body quickly after you get out of the shower enables to lock the moisturizer within, reducing the possibility of drying. Use one when the skin remains damp.

A good moisturizer also protects you from harmful environmental elements. Usually, one containing zinc oxide and providing SPF30 protection works well. Use an extra heavy duty moisturizing cream for the more problematic areas.

3. Shower

Keeping your daily bathing habit is good for hygiene and body. Maintain the schedule but within limit. Hot water shall dry out the epidermis in your skin and dehydrate it. Although hot water bath is soothing and attractive during winter, keep away from over-bathing. If you have a dry skin, you may be worse off and even experience itching. Be particular about your soaps and cleansers. The anti-bacterial soaps tend to have a drying effect on the skin. Choose mild non-drying soaps which are better for skin.

4. The lips, hands and fingers

These are the ones exposed mainly during winter. It is common to find chapped lips during winter. For the lips, the usual lip balms and moisturizers may not work well. Use a product which contains AHA and vitamin E. Remember to moisturize particularly during night when going to sleep.

The hands and fingers suffer a lot due to continuous contact with water and chemicals. Use a towel immediately after contact with water. Keep them dry, minus any water as far as possible. Moisturize them to avoid drying, particularly before placing them in water. You may want to use the therapeutic options to treat itches and cracks. Use cream or ointment base instead of lotion.

5. Water

Water intake helps to prevent dehydration. A glass of hot water with lemon can re-energize your body. It is supposedly the herbal remedy for detoxifying your entire system. This can also work well in cleaning the blood faster to remove toxins responsible for bad skin.

6. Therapeutic significance

People having skin problems may find winter all the more troubling. Skin conditions like eczema or seborrhea can aggravated. Be careful about your prescription and follow it meticulously. People suffering from acne may also be prone to trouble during winter.

Winter can be enjoyed best without the skin woes. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to experience the joys. Nourishing and caring your skin should be integral to your schedule, particularly during this time of the year. Adjust your usual skin care habits to suit the necessary changes. You can observe the improvement in the overall health of your skin with simple care and maintenance tools.

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