5 Things You Need To Get Rid Of If You Want To Keep Your Child Healthy

Healthy living is an imperative that must be adopted by everyone in order to be efficient in every task that we engage within. Just like anyone can easily get seasoned helpers that can help their term papers, we can gain total effectiveness when we take the road of healthy living.

However, this article is not about healthy living for adults: it concerns the specific ‘DONT’s’ which your child must get rid of in order for them to lead healthy lives far into their adulthood. As a form of disclaimer alert, you should know that no child will be very excited to try and remove these things from their daily routine and that is why the parents, tutors and other members of the community need to actively deny the child the things highlighted within the article. Just like the road to healthy living for adults, this process will be very difficult at the onset but the child would later adapt and then cultivate a healthy living habit.

Without further drumroll, let us delve into the things and habits that need to be done away with.

  1. Junk food:

    eating pizza
    It has been discovered that obesity has been the number cause of numerous health challenges that include heart problems. Even though this statistics is usually made available in most places, the incidence of obesity has not reduced. The reason why this is the case is that obesity is cultivated right from childhood.On a general basis, a child is born as a clean slate; a ‘tabula Rasa as called by some philosophers. This means that a child adopts learned behavior from his or her parents and if the parents are vegetarians, that child will lead a healthy living life.For children, the first pathway to avoiding any form of obesity would be getting rid of any reliance on junk food. Such junk food always contain very high amount of calories that continue to store up as fat in the body when they are not burnt out in any form of exercise.Most fast foods are addictive and that is the reason why this step would be very difficult for your child to take. Begin to drastically cut down the number of times you take your child on eat-outs. Cut down the number of pizza deliveries which you order and then adopt a healthy lifestyle. Kids, who tend to drink high number of Coca-Cola per day, as well as other soft drinks, will begin to experience weight gain as well and that is detrimental to their health.

    The onus of eating right, first lies with the parents because they decide what the child can eat and what the child will not eat. If you are a parent, you can wean your child off dependence on junk by slowly introducing veggie days and introducing incentives for eating veggies. It will be a long walk to eating right: however that walk becomes easier when you begin at an early stage.

  2. Laziness:

    Laziness is a trait you should not let your child develop because it is not every child that may have the opportunity to get his or her homework done at my bio lab.Most children generally do not wish to engage themselves in any chore; homework in particular. Rather, they would prefer to spend quality time playing around with other things until the day ends. You would have to always make sure they attend to their homework at the needed time in order to avoid instilling procrastination in them.Many adults who procrastinate in getting the job done at the right time, were not fully groomed on the need to undertake their tasks when they were children. This is the reason why you should not tolerate the little excuses that your child may attempt to frame up in order to skip homework.Moreover, you shouldn’t encourage any form of laziness in getting the laundry done at any time. Children should be made to recognize the need to launder their clothing and not delegate the chore to anyone else. You should make sure that they are not entitled to anyone helping them to clean their stuff: rather, they should begin to adopt a sense of responsibility at an early age.

  3. Curb too much video games-

    In recent times, there has been a surge of kids playing all kinds of video games which may be detrimental to their emotional and psychological health in the future. While it is a good thing for your kids to have some time for fun through video game time, too much of video game time may eventually cause them to become recluses in the future.In order to help them develop vibrant relationships in the future, you can take them to outdoor game venues where they learn to associate with other kids of their age instead of the virtual world that games bring. Another reason why you should curb excess video gaming time is that most games that are being created these days teach violence to children and also support some other negative stereotypes like female brutality.

  4. Curb too much sugary intake-

    While the intake of sugar may increase the glucose levels of the body system and boost efficiency, the excessive intake of sugar is detrimental to the dental health of any child. Children who tend to take sweets, candies (at Trick-or-treat Halloween seasons) as well as ice cream, may end up having dental challenges due to the bacteria that latches on to their tooth and destroy the enamel; ultimately causing tooth decay if not checked.

  5. Curb excess Internet access-

    Curb excess Internet access
    When children are given unlimited Internet access, the result is that they may end up landing in the wrong websites and cultivate bad habits. Browsing experiences is usually filled with a series of ads pop-ups and most of these are links to pornographic or scam websites. This is the reason why you must curb excessive use of the Internet in order to help your children avoid falling into any negative unhealthy habit.

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