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5 Best Ways to Use Medical Marijuana

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In the past 2 decades, it is no joke that marijuana has seen a huge upward trend in usage. It generally started with medical marijuana when California passed a law (Proposition 215) in 1996 to allow possession and usage of medical marijuana. Many state leaders saw AIDS patients getting chronic wasting disease where they won’t be eating food since they had no appetite. One of the effects marijuana helps with is the ability to open your appetite. This helps many people get on the side of marijuana and be more open minded about it.

Recreational marijuana started taking the lead around 2010 and more people started using it on a daily basis. This accelerated how quick marijuana would get mainstream. Along with that, came the usage of dabbing and wax. Wax is a concentrated form of marijuana which is much stronger. It is generally used with an electronic dab rig. It is a very different texture and potency.

What is Cannabis

Medical Marijuana

For anyone who is not familiar with it, Cannabis is a naturally occurring plant that has been used for many centuries. They are generally upright tall plants with very thick hemp fibers for its stalk. Cannabis is used for many things from medicine to hemp. Hemp is the fiber of the plant which is used to make strong fabrics,ropes, papers, clothes and more.


THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a part of the plant everyone tries to get the most out of. THC is one of the 100+ active ingredients inside of cannabis. It gives the psychoactive properties you look for in getting “high”. It aids in opening your appetite, tired, sleepy, and more. It’s best to help patients with nausea, anxiety, pain, insomnia and more. It’s mostly dominant in high THC strains such as Gelato 41 and Gorilla Glue, which you can find on Zamnesia.com or in some cannabis stores near you.


CBD or Cannabidiol is another one of the active ingredients in cannabis that has become popular lately in the past 5 years. It is responsible for a lot of the calming and soothing effects that the cannabis plant can give. It’s mostly dominant in the hemp plant. CBD is also versatile and can be consumed using the same methods as you would with THC. 

Top 5 Ways to Consume It

Cannabis is very versatile in how it can be used. The different ways they are used generally dictate the outcome. Each way of using it can be different because of its absorption process. Some ways require longer to take effect but they last longer in your system. Other ways can be much quicker to take effect.

1. Vaporizers


The most recent way to start consuming cannabis is by a vaporizer. Vaporizers have created a better alternative to smoking that doesn’t require you burning any dry herb flowers. Instead, you heat it just enough for it to turn into vapor. Vapor is much thinner than smoke and contains most of the active ingredients with less side effects. Learning to use a vape pen is very important to make sure you’re doing it correctly and efficiently.

2. Water Pipes

Water pipes have always been the prime way to smoke marijuana. It is the hardest hitting way to smoke along with one of the purest. A water pipe is a big pipe that is more complex than your regular hand pipe. Due to the complexity of the pipes, it requires more cleaning than other forms of ways to consume it. It consists of a base you can place water in along with the downstem that helps purify the cannabis.

3. Edibles


One of the safest ways to consume cannabis is by cooking or baking it into food. It is the most complex process of creating it and it takes the longest to make. It also takes the longest for it to take effect within your body. Instead of it going through the bloodstream, it goes through the liver first. It takes longer to get to the liver than the bloodstream through smoke.

4. Joint/Blunt

One of the most popular ways to smoke is through a joint or blunt. It has been made popular because they look like cigarettes. They are also great when they are smoked with a group. It’s easy for each person to take a couple hits and pass it along. This means more people are getting their fair share.

5. THC Oil Cartridge

THC Oil Cartridge

Although this falls under vaporizers, you’re not vaporizing the herbs or wax directly. THC oil cartridges are concentrated forms of THC that turns into an oil. They are the most discreet way to consume it because they don’t produce any smell and they slide into your pocket very easily.

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