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14% of top performers include JCI accredited hospitals


The Joint Commission recognized 405 hospitals and critical-access facilities as top performers based on nearly two dozen measures related to cardiac, pneumonia, surgical and pediatric asthma care.

The top-performers list (PDF), which reflects 14% of Joint Commission-accredited hospitals and critical-access facilities that report core measurement performance data, was a first for the organization and was released with the commission’s annual report on quality and safety. Top-performing hospitals scored 95% for every individual care measure, according to the report. Overall, quality measures for 3,000 hospitals included in the annual report improved, according to a news release from the Joint Commission. The 2010 data shows performance gains for heart-attack, pneumonia, surgical and children’s asthma care. But hospitals continued to lag on performance measures of fibrinolytic therapy for heart-attack patients and antibiotic treatment for pneumonia patients.

Ref and Read more: http://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20110914/NEWS/309149959?AllowView=VW8xUmo5Q21TcWJOb1gzb0tNN3RLZ0h0MWg5SVgra3NZRzROR3l0WWRMZmJYZndGRWxiNUtpQzMyWmVpNW5nWUpibW8 =


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