Understanding the cost of a treatment or surgery

This section will hopefully help you understand what you will be spending most of your money on and allow you to create a comprehensive budget. There are two main types of expenditures during a medical journey: medical costs and non-medical expenses. As a note, the cost-calculations listed below are for patients that lack insurance, and are using other means to pay for their trip.  For patients whose insurance policies include medical tourism, you need to find out from your network manager what is included and what isn’t covered in your policy so you can appropriately budget for your trip.

A few hospitals in medical tourism destinations offer package prices when it comes to the medical expenses—this package deal will include a lump-sum payment that is inclusive of all the various factors that are listed below. It would be beneficial for a medical tourist to seek for a facility that offers this package price as it will help you avoid paying individual charges for different aspects within a hospital. It can also help you to steer clear of overspending unnecessarily.

If your facility does not offer a bundle deal for the medical expenses, these are the various factors you should be aware of as they will be likely to show up on your medical bill.

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