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Understanding the difference between general and healthcare marketing

In the healthcare sector, marketing is quite different from the general marketing of consumables and other products or services in many ways. The crucial distinguishing factor is that the healthcare sector is not as profitable as the general sector. There is substantial rivalry faced by separate units but their marketing attitude is very different.


There are many points, which differentiate general marketing and marketing with each other, and some of them are as follows-

  • The first point is the healthcare is usually involved in the marketing of services while the general marketing is concerned with both products and services. In healthcare marketing, the stress is on, such as attracting new patients, holding onto the current ones, increasing patient, employee satisfaction, building brand name and medical competence in the eye of public.
  • The healthcare marketing segment involves stringent devotion to previous defined guidelines for marketing of services. A variety of licensing boards inflict restrictive guidelines on marketing and advertising that need to be conformed to deteriorating which punishment can be awarded. Marketing in the healthcare sector is carried out in a very formal manner where interests and standing of others is treated with much importance.


  • Persons in the healthcare sector do not have a previous background in business training or education. Furthermore, they consider their job as a calling and do not give much significance to competition, marketing or advertising. On the other hand, marketing in the general sector is done by well prepared and business oriented individuals who follow tried and tested ways of effective marketing.
  • Privacy is majorly observed in the marketing of healthcare products and services. Marketers need to appreciate and adhere to the existing laws regarding privacy of patients. They cannot use experience and health information of the patients in the marketing of healthcare goods or services.
  • Offering health care service at discounted and lesser than usual price is not allowed in the healthcare sector. Marketing in the general sector majorly, functions on attracting purchasers by offering lower price product. The healthcare segment cannot pay to do so. In the general marketing of commercial goods or services, basic principles of marketing are applied in the marketing of healthcare products and services. These principles include competitive research and planning, budgeting, branding, strategizing and tactics among many.


Both general marketing and healthcare marketing terms are quite different in the medical tourism sector. However, both are important to enhance the healthcare business in the tourism market.

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