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Trust and transparency make the medical tourism world go round

Medical tourism has evolved manifolds and has become an important industry. It is enlarging its reach and ingraining the globe under its influence. As medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular, the responsibilities so associated with it also increase. Thus, it becomes mandatory to provide medical tourism that suits all and that is able to build and retain the trust of the medical tourists.

Trust and transparency make the medical tourism world go round

  1. Trust and transparency are all important

  2. Medical tourism market space

  3. Need for transparency

  4. Cost of the medical procedure

  5. Treatment procedure

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Trust and transparency are all important

Medical tourism has to grow on the grounds of trust and transparency in the work associated with the medical procedure being performed on a medical tourist. A medical tourist that undergoes the appropriate medical procedure has to be made aware of the complexities and the intricacies involved so that he has a level of trust and knowledge of the technicalities so involved. Trust and transparency are the milestones in the success of medical tourism.

It is the prime duty of a medical facilitator to build a trustworthy relationship with the medical tourist. A medical tourist should have all the requisite information regarding the medical procedure that he needs to undergo. In addition to this, the tourist should have all the authentic documentation from the institution performing the procedure.

The patient should be informed with details regarding the authentication of the medical procedure and the method in which it is performed. A medical tourist has to have that trust before he gives consent to start the medical procedure. Thus, it is of utmost importance to the medical facilitators need to do their homework well in order to build a confidence in the facilities that are offered to a medical tourist. Numerous factors need consideration while making decisions regarding which medical procedure is appropriate, or what location should be chosen for the same.

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Medical tourism market space

Today almost all locations found on the globe are potential medical tourism services providers. The experience to find the ideal location for a medical procedure can be an intimidating one. It can be chaotic and annoying. Therefore, it should be a priority of the medical facilitators to make this experience to a medical tourist a pleasing experience building a relationship based on trust and transparency.

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Need for transparency

Need for transparency in medical tourism arises owing to two prime reasons. First, understanding that the medical tourist has lost the confidence in the procedure being practiced back home. Second, understanding that healthcare involves complicated procedures in the process.

Medical travelers demand clear-cut answers on quality, doctors, cost and treatment. So do the same. Being honest and fair is important for developing credibility with medical travelers.

Trust and transparency is needed on various grounds. The other important factors are:

Affordable treatments

Cost of the medical procedure

Medical traveler should be aware about all the cost considerations before traveling to the destination. Although this is a tough call because the patient needs evaluation pre hand and each hospital and doctors follows a different plan. The most compact solution to this is to offer a package price. For example, the ‘total knee package’ may cost around $12,000. It should be clearly documented that these package costs are subject to changes in accordance with the hospital policies, and these costs should not really increase, unless unavoidable.


Treatment procedure

Good medical tourism hospitals are transparent about the benefits and the risks so involved in the medical procedure. They do not make any false promises but state the facts clearly. They comply with all ethical obligations related to the medical procedure so that they are not led into any form of trouble. This helps in building a better relationship with a medical traveler for he is fully acquainted with the entire protocol of the treatment.

Thus, we can rightly conclude that in the medical tourism industry transparency is trust.


Transparency in the medical tourism industry helps in building a trust-oriented relationship with a medical traveler. Clear-cut answers to questions on quality, doctors, procedure and costs will help you get more medical tourists.

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