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Medical Tourism Procedure Guide

This section highlights over 65 common medical tourism procedures that most patients travel for. Each of the procedures listed will be detailed for individuals to understand. They include the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, and the risks and complications as well. Additionally, for the benefit of the medical tourist, each procedure also highlights the pre and post-operative care that must be considered before and after the medical journey.

Utilizing and understanding the information provided in the procedure guide will help clear doubts and confusion regarding the specific procedure for the patients and their family members. This, in turn, will help you make the right decision for their health, and whether or not this is the right procedure for you

  Definition: Breast augmentation (implantation) surgery is preferred in women who wish to correct the original size and shape of their breast. This can be done by employing various breast implants such as silicone, saline […]

Breast Augmentation

People opt for medical tourism predominately because they are dissatisfied with the level of health services provided in their home country. Whether it is a diagnostic or a therapeutic procedure, in order to appropriate plan

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