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How medical tourism is boosting public healthcare

The US has been at the forefront of the capitalist world for the past 100 years. The economic setup of the country has enabled it to position itself ahead of the world economy. The recent modification in the country’s healthcare system, thanks to Obamacare, may lead American citizens away from the country’s medical setup completely.


Critics of Obamacare claim that these new healthcare policies will only make medical services costlier for both insured as well the uninsured citizens in the coming years. United with very costly medical care systems, these policies will only push more Americans to seek free-market health care oversees. Hoards of American medical tourists are already seeking medical care in countries like India, where even a top-notch super specialty hospital charges approximately $30,000 while American facility providers charge $160,000 for the same procedure.


  • Practicing medicine in the US is becoming ever more difficult due to bureaucratic and legal hassles. This means that specialists, nationals as well as expats, are taking up positions with medical tourism providers abroad leading to a brain drain trend that is quickly emerging in the country.
  • Driving medical tourists out of the USA is the biggest fact that FDA moves approval for new techniques very slowly. Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure, invented in 1991 by a British surgeon, is the best example of this, as the FDA did not approve it until 2006.


Obamacare makes it harder and less cost efficient for American citizens to seek healthcare in the country for the patients belongs to middle and lower class. They need to save money on medical treatments and actively using medical tourism to get the treatment. The international healthcare and medical tourism industry is taking note of the fallout from Obamacare too.

Increasing number of medical facilities located throughout the developing countries are seeking and getting approval from the joint commission International that is the international accreditation agency for institutions offering medical tourism.

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