International Medical tourism industry has an estimated $40 million turnover

Medical tourism industry is booming and experts have calculated that its turnover is a staggering $40 million. Actually, it should not come as a surprise because with the growing cost of medical facilities in the developed nations, more and more patients are flocking offshore for better treatment at lower costs. The prospects of medical tourism look fairly bright as every year new investors are joining this industry. The number of medical tourists is also increasing fast as the opportunities are lucrative and the scope is widening too. As of now, an approximate 7 million people travel every year so that they can be cured or see the desired physical change in themselves.


Costs of living are skyrocketing. While you are coping with the burden of daily bills and something goes wrong with your body, the future looks murky. Medical tourism industry is offering a win-win situation for all. Tourism companies and nursing homes are earning huge sums of money but the medical tourists or patients are saving a lot from it. Different developing countries are offering different facilities and packages. Each year around 1 million people board a flight to Mexico for getting medical treatments. Many of them are of Hispanic origin; however, people of different ethnicity also travel to Mexico as medical tourists for dental care or liposuction.

Thailand is also very popular among the medical tourists and gets around 1.2 million visitors every year. Cosmetic surgery and sex change treatments make Thailand a hot spot for medical tourists who get to enjoy the beach and scenery along with getting the appropriate desired treatment. Traveling to faraway places for medical treatment used to make people prejudiced before but nowadays it has turned into a great opportunity for visiting an exotic locale and have some fresh experience away from the humdrum city or town life.


People have become more experimental and adventurous. To make the most of such tendencies, medical tourism facilitators need to plan their marketing strategies more and bring their business to the fore. There was a time when no one considered medical tourism as one of the major and prominent industries. Nevertheless, with both the developing and developed nations taking part in medical tourism, this industry will sure expand further in the coming years. US provide high quality medical treatments and though they are pricey, people come to US in bulk for getting their severe and intricate ailments treated. In India the surgical care will cost 90 percent less than what it would cost in the US. Singapore is also a forerunner of this industry. The nursing homes there that serve foreign patients have been accredited by the Joint Commission International of US.


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