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Electromyogram – Common Medical Tourism Procedures



An Electromyogram (EMG) test is performed to detect the abnormal electrical activity of muscles to diagnose the various disease conditions related to muscles and to know the cause of muscle weakness.

Additional information about the EMG

Preparation for the procedure

  • Usually no special preparation is required.
  • When its extreme cold outside, patient may need to stay in a warm room for some time before the test is performed, as body temperature can affect the results of this test.

During the procedure

  • The examination can take 30 to 60min.
  • The healthcare provider will insert very small, thin but solid needles (electrode) into the muscles through the skin to measure electrical activity.
  • Patient will be asked to contract the muscle by doing small movement (bending the arm). The electrode on the needle picks up the electrical activity during the movement of muscles, which can be seen on a nearby monitor (oscilloscope) orand can be heard through speaker. The electrical activity seen on the monitors gives information about the muscle’s ability to respond on particular nerve stimulation.
  • Patient may feel some pain or discomfort when the needle are inserted in to the muscle and afterwards may feel soreness or tenderness of the muscle for few days.
  • Often a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test is performed along with an EMG.


  • Bleeding(small amount)
  • Infection at the needle insertion sites

Uses of EMG

EMG is mostly advised to a patient complaining of unexplained muscle weakness. The EMG test helps to differentiate the cause of muscle weakness (either muscular disorder or neurological disorder). The test can also help to evaluate the level of nerve irritation or injury.

Travelers guide

No special preparation is required and patient can resume the normal activity immediately. Medical tourist can return on the next day after the procedure.

Tourist is recommended to stay few days more to plan further treatment if required.

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