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Dispelling common fears of international tourists

fears of international tourists

Medical tourism is on the rise these days with many international tourists traveling to foreign destinations for their medical treatments. However, there is no denying the fact that every tourist would experience fear and apprehension while planning a medical trip. These apprehensions can be related to the fear of the unknown, of not knowing what awaits him/her at the provider destination.

This so-called fear of the unknown also leads to several myths about medical tourism that need to be quashed, so that the medical tourist could plan his/her trip peacefully. Accordingly, here are some very common myths and truths about medical tourism that every international tourist would need to know when planning a medical trip to a foreign destination.

Quality of Healthcare

There is a common myth that the quality of healthcare services in developing countries like India does not match that of those in the US. And this would be the reason for the extremely low healthcare costs in these countries. On the contrary, it would be possible to find several reputed, excellent healthcare facilities in these medical tourism destinations.

Most of the facilities in these destinations would be accredited by international governing bodies; thereby assuring excellent healthcare standards.

Qualifications of Medical Personnel

The myth that developing countries would not have qualified and skilled doctors can be quashed immediately. Medical tourism destinations like India house some of the most skilled surgeons in the world, with several of them being highly skilled and experienced to perform specialized medical procedures.

In some cases, it would be possible to find doctors for these procedures even in the US.

Communication Gap

The myth that it would be very difficult to converse with the medical personnel in a foreign destination does not exist anymore. Many medical tourism destinations worldwide are taking efforts to hire multilingual staff who can converse fluently in several languages, including English.

These facilities are house translators who can help a medical tourist communicate with the doctors and vice versa.

Culture Shock

There is a common myth that international tourists visiting medical tourism destinations would experience a culture shock in an inhospitable environment. While this can be considered true to an extent, the majority of medical tourism destinations now have privatized healthcare facilities that are more experienced in handling Western clients and making them feel at home in a foreign land.


Medical tourists usually face these fears and apprehensions when planning their treatment abroad in an unknown foreign destination. These pointers also indicate that there is nothing to fear, as the majority of medical tourism destinations in the world know how to give the five star treatments for their medical clients.

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