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Wine industry and plastic threatens cork forests


Do you buy a lot of those wine bottles with screw on metal tops or plastic corks? Well, next time you walk into the wine aisle of the store, think again before buying those. You should reconsider your purchase because, you might be endangering the cork forests of the world. The scientists believe that cork forests of the world are being threatened by the wine industry.

Environmentalists and scientists have joined hands to protect the cork forests of the world. Home to the highly endangered Iberian lynx species, as well as a heaven for wild boars, these cork forests are becoming thinner and thinner. Cork is harvested or rather, shaved off the sides of the forests. This process have been likened to the shorning of the sheep. But, forests still survive even though they give up their precious bark.

These forests are only available in certain parts of the world . Mostly located in Portugal, Spain and Italy, these biomes host a multitude of flora and fauna. Also, these are the best cork resources.


Not all cork sources are good. They have to be about 30 years old before their first harvest. Even then, this kind of stuff is sometimes not good enough to manufacture wine bottle closures. When harvesters are not careful, cork sources are wasted and resources are depleted.

I think this issue needs to be addressed. As a matter of fact, conservationists all around the world are working towards protecting these precious forests. Greener corks are being produced, which are eco friendly. Also, using greener cork wine stoppers prevent people from using plastic stoppers, which give the wine a moldy color. Anyway, the bottom line of the matter is: cork forests are threatened by plastic and wine industry, so wake up before they sleep forever.

Source Link Torlys, Iberianature

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