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Window design: From the odd to the ordinary

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An area of the home that offers a plenty of variety, windows are not always considered the most unusual or interesting features of a home. Proving that there is more to these features than meets the eye though, window designs have developed to cover everything from the odd to the ordinary – and here is our breakdown of some of the best options.

  •  Portholes

Who said windows had only to be square or rectangular? Taking inspiration from ships and sea vessels, rounded porthole style windows are a great feature for those lucky enough to have them fitted and are especially popular for attic or loft conversions or upper spaces in the home. These are a great and unique feature for you to have added but you will need to check it matches the style of your home to avoid it looking out of place.

  • Stained glass

Probably most commonly associated with churches and other religious buildings, stained glass windows are actually a great idea for the domestic home. You do not have to opt for something with religious imagery and everything from simple motifs and shapes to elaborate mosaic designs can be painted onto glass panels.

Stained glass is a stunning feature, which looks just as ease in modern properties as it does with those of an older construction. The patterns and colors brought into your home by these windows when the sunlight hits them is perhaps one of their biggest attractions; giving any home a magical and warm glow.

  •  Traditional wooden frames

Traditional window designs aren’t all about bold colored glass and patterns – wooden frames are just as important. If you’re lucky enough to have original wooden windows in your home then ripping them out to make room for new uPVC options could be seen as something of a style crime. Instead, look at services, which restore timber windows and get your traditional options up to speed. You may even be able to have double-glazing fitted within the wooden frames to give your house all the benefits of modern windows with the appearance of traditional ones.

  • Full length windows

Another interesting option for windows is full-length glass panels which stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Ideal in modern properties found in rural areas where homeowners want as much light to enter their room as possible, these really make a statement. Of course, you will need to invest in suitable blinds or curtains to dress them but this is ideal for those who love looking at natural landscapes without distraction.


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