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Amazon volume and length: The dual claim!

a sattelite view of amazon 5303

Till date Amazon is regarded as the largest river in world by the amount of volume of water it contains but soon it may become the longest river in world as well.

At present it is second only to river Nile in Egypt.

This claim is followed from the expedition in Peru which has found a new starting point of the river Amazon further south from which it was earlier believed. Now the length of Amazon is 6,800km while that of Nile is 6,695km.

The new claim in Brazil follows a result of an expedition which has established the source of river in south of Peru and not in the north as had been believed earlier.

While exact location of the source is yet to be confirmed from the two choices scientists say that selection of either of the two would make Amazon the longest river in the world.

The Amazon is now said to begin at ice covered mountain of southern peru called mount Mismi.

The researchers traveled for 14 days, sometimes in sub zero temperatures to establish the location of this source at a height of 5000m .

The debate for world’s longest river has been going on for sometime now and this fresh claims form Brazil may establish Amazon as the longest river in the world.

Via: BBC

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