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Watch your own behavior patterns when kids are around

Sometimes parents forget that they cannot behave in the same manner with their small kids and start treating them like adults. It is however, important to give a special attention to your kids and watch your own behavior patterns when you interact with them. Here are a few Do’s and don’ts:

Things to do:

Take time to think over

When your 4 year old raises a question or asks for your opinion instead of giving him/her a quick reply learn to say you will think it over. It helps you get more time to think about all the possibilities and decide. This way you can keep the control in your own hands and come up with the best possible answer.

This habit also gives an impression to your kids that people need to think over their possible options before they make a decision. It helps people make up their minds meanwhile. You may even find your kids taking time to think over their problems, which is a sign that they are turning into responsible human beings.

Ask meaningful questions

Parents must ask meaningful questions from their kids, which allow them to think innovatively. Do not force them to follow your footsteps, as they are capable to make their own way in life. It is important as it allows you to get into the mind of your kids so that you remain fully aware of their thoughts and feelings. Ask your kids what they want in their lives and their plans to achieve their goals are.

Give them some space to be more creative


Parents must give some space to their kids so that they can get more creative and give life to their dreams. Let your kids play with their peers and try to solve their problems on their own as it helps them sharpen their problem skills. They must develop a feeling of being responsible in life, which they learn during group activities like building a tree house with their friends. Do not impose yourself on your kids; let them find a way out of their everyday problems.

Things not to do

Don’t force them to be the best


All kids are innovative and have qualities of their own but you certainly cannot expect each one of them to excel at almost everything. Do not force your kids to stay ahead of all. Encourage them to give their best and expect good result of their efforts. Do not compare their performance with other kids as it instigates negativity and give them a poor self-image.

Don’t make them aware of your diet routine

Parents should never share their diet routine with their kids or the reasons behind it. Kids are very sharp. They always try to imitate their parents. When you share your diet routine with your kids they may develop a unhealthy body image and try to fit into that. You would not want your kids to compromise with their health, as it is important for them to have a healthy diet in childhood. You can tell them that you need to exercise to feel good or eat light as it makes you feel better.

Don’t scold them for their mistakes

It is important to tell your kids that one learns from his/her mistakes. If you scold them every time they make a mistake, they get stubborn or start taking things for granted. Encourage them to learn from their mistakes and make an effective use of that learning. You can never expect your kids to be perfect as there is no such thing as perfection. His/her mistakes and a habit to learn from them can certainly turn them into responsible human beings.

Parents must encourage a natural growth of their kids. Do not make baseless comparisons or force your kids to be the best. They are beautiful the way they are and they hardly need to follow someone else’s footsteps to get successful in life.


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