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U.S. Team to journey 1,000 miles in alternative fuel vehicles to spread ‘alternative fuel-viability’awareness

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With the concerns for global warming increasing, the need for more and more awareness is also increasing across the world. It has become a necessity for people to know how and need to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy sources.

On the lines of this need, a U.S. team has planned to drive from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole later this year. They will be making a 1,000-mile journey to the South Pole, naming the expedition ‘Zero South’.

In their 10-day journey they will use alternative fuel vehicles, which will be driven along a U.S.-developed ice highway, Nick Baggarly, executive director of the ‘Zero South’ expedition informed.

Though the team did not disclose the types of alternative energy sources they will be using, Baggarly said,

The expedition would “demonstrate the viability of these energy alternatives.

One of the goals of the team seems to be preventing tourism in Antarctica and also exploitation of precious and pristine areas of any kind. According to an e-mail to The Associated Press, Baggarly has confirmed on this plan, one of their otherwise undisclosed plan of actions.

Three of the vehicles the team will be using in the expedition, will later be exhibited in the United States for educating youth on global climate change, alternative fuels and the importance the earth’s Polar Regions hold.

But, will this exhibition not attract tourists in the region?

Answering the question, Baggarly said,

This exhibition does not promote tourism. Its purpose is to create enlightenment opportunities that will inspire a new generation of scientists, engineers and explorers.

Photo Credit: The Associated Press/Raytheon Antarctic Services, Allen Delaney, HO

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