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Unusual abilities of pets that proved a life savior

<![CDATA[Pets not only are your best friends but they could be life savior at times.  Usually considered a part of the family, these pets really do show their devotion. Let us have a look at a few of these unusual pets that used their senses to save a human life.


Human beings have merely five million scent receptors as compared to 300 million receptors in dogs. Due to this natural gift to the dogs, medical dogs have been trained to diagnose patients. Dr Claire Guest also trained her dog Daisy, a female Labrador to sniff out cancer in urine and breath. And Daisy discovered her owner’s tumor, which she knew nothing about. Daisy has successfully discovered cancer in almost 551 patients, and she has also been awarded with a Blue Cross medal for her special ability. (Source)



Monty, the cat saved the life of his owner. One night, Patricia Peter found that Monty was restless and touching the fingers of her left hand repeatedly, this was same hand, which Patricia uses to test her blood sugar level. When Patricia got up, she started feeling a little dizziness; she pulled herself together and thought of checking her blood sugar level out of the blue, which was down to a low of 2.7. Patricia immediately took her medicine to bring up the level of sugar. Monty did not let her sleep until it reached to a normal level. Patricia’s doctor later informed her that if Monty had not woken her up, she could have fallen into a diabetic coma. (Source)



Nanook, a Siberian Husky, lives in St. Catharines, Ontario. Nanook woke up his owner Coleen Kilby and her husband Gord 3 in the moring one night. The duo were just trying to figure out why Nanook was so restless, when all of a sudden, Coleen felt a pressure in her chest and a sudden pain in her arm too. It did not take them long understand that Coleen was about to have a heart attack. Coleen was immediately hospitalized and underwent a surgery to insert there stents in her heart. Nanook saved her life. (Source)


Titan, a police service dog from the Halton Region, located the whereabouts of a woman who was in terrible need. Titan fought against all odds, the heavy rain or the harsh winds to get to a casualty who had a taken an overdose of medication and called 911 to say that she was about to die. Titan directed the team to trace the woman when she was taking her last breaths. It was Titan’s directions and efforts that the woman’ life could eventually be saved. (Source)



Joe Mauk had lost his eyes due to diabetes many years ago, but he feels completely safe with his Roxanne, who is a trained dog for the blind. Roxanne is a trained dog but he has received no training to detect the medical conditions of humans. One day when Mauk was taking a walk with Roxanne, his bold sugar crashed. Roxanne somehow managed to drag him to his house, where his life could be saved by giving him the proper medication. (Source)



Josh Ornberg and girlfriend Letitia Kovalevsky, who was pregnant with twins, were sleeping when their domestic cat Baby started jumping over their bed. Josh got up and saw that there was a fire inside the house and the room was filled with smoke. The couple came out of their house and saved their lives. (Source)]]>

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