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TTXGP: Zero-emission bikes line up for sustainability

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Why don’t the motorcycle manufacturers expedite the development of electric bikes? Taking a cue from the Chinese expertise and maybe answering the query raised, on Friday, June 12, TTXGP will project itself to be the first zero-emission GP ever, where 17 international teams, being from Germany, India, Italy, Austria and the Isle of Man itself, with a singular motive will blaze the 37.733-mile TT mountain racetrack. Nearly a century ago, TT proved the petrol-bikes and now, it wishes to do the same with the electric ones. Guts, endurance, efficiency, emissions and all, will pass through a real, rigid test. This race will be held on Isle of Man TT circuit. It is crucial that the 24 bikes showcased at the event prove themselves and benefit the environment too since it is all an emissions game. Eying on achieving a 150 mph top speed, the occasion might alter the existing equations and jolt the mindset of the motorcycle developers as well.

Mary Donovan, IET Head of Communications, says:

With 24 entrants going head-to-head in a bid to prove who has developed the greatest clean-emission race machine, nowhere will the products of competitive innovation be more apparent than in the 2009 TTXGP. It’s going to be a great motivator for budding engineers and will go a long way to prove that there is real excitement, energy and value in the fields of engineering, technology and science. Let the race begin!

The students of Kingston University have designed a bike to demystify all myths related to low speed of green vehicles. More details here. Check out this video to see it live:

Accordingly, here, we present a list of the contender-bikes and corresponding riders who uphold the same cause of promoting electric-biking:

1) HTBLAUVA – TGM (AU) Martin Loicht

2) eROCKIT (D) Rigo Richter –

3) eROCKIT (D) David Madsen-Mygdal

4) XXL (D) Thomas Schoenfelder

5) TORK (INDIA) Garth Woods

6) ManTTx Racing (IoM) Dan Kneen

7) Rondine Racing Team (IT) Alessio Corradi

8) Brunel X-team (UK) Steve Harper –

9) EVOdesign (UK) Mick Grant

10) EVOdesign (UK) Olie Linsdell

11) EVOdesign (UK) Paul Owen

12) Imperial TTxGP (UK) Chris Palmer

13) Kingston University (UK) Maria Costello

14) Team Agni (UK/INDIA) Robert Barber –

15) Barefoot Motors Racing (USA) Chris Petty

16) Brammo/BIKE (USA) Roy Richardson

17) Cool World Team (USA) Steve Macdonald

18) Cool World Team (USA) Antonio Maeso

19) Electric Motorsport (USA) Chris Heath

20) Electric Motorsport (USA) Marie Hodgson

21) KillaCycle Racing/Lightning Motorcycles (USA) Alan Connor

22) Mission Motors (USA) Thomas Montano

23) MotoCzysz (USA) Mark Miller

electric vs
The image shows why electric motorcycles need consideration, how they cut down on emissions and add substantially to make this planet a better place to live in.

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