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Tips and tricks that can help you get a hold of the child’s tantrums at home

The tantrums shown by children are annoying and lead to frustration, learning tricks to handle the tantrums of your children is the best solution for gaining peace of mind.

Check the tantrums early

Kids are attention seekers and they can start a tantrum just to catch your attention. Plan a schedule for your children, effective right from the time they wake up. Put questions in front of them, allowing them to make small decisions. Like, what clothes they would want to wear that day, the pair of shoes that would go with that dress, what would they want to have for meals during the day.

Avoid questions for which the obvious answer from them would be ‘No’ instead give them a choice. For example, never ask your children if they want to take a bath that day or not, ask them what soap or shampoo would they like to use for bath that day.

Distract them

Distracting a child is a child’s play, as their attention can be diverted easily. When you see that your child is about to begin a tantrum, try to bring up something else. Bring in a toy or a bag filled with goodies to draw away the attention of the child. A coloring book can keep the child engrossed for long.

The child’s favorite stuffed toy, action figure or a doll can divert their attention from the tantrum. Don’t try to divert the attention of the child with the same thing every time, keep rotating the items so that the child falls for the trick.

Ignoring the child

At the time of a tantrum, the child is helpless as the child is unable to take decisions and make an assessment. According to an expert pediatrician the frontal cortex part of the brain of a child, when in tantrums is overridden and the child outbursts. Ignoring the child who might be seeking attention at that time may help.

When the child would notice that his tantrums are not effective, he would automatically stop it. There is no point talking to the child at that time, as the child would never be able to understand what you are trying to convey. Allow the child to cool down and then have a conversation with him.

The child needs space

Children need space, so why not give it to them. They will vent out their anger and frustration and feel relaxed. You will need to ignore the child at the time and let him release his energy.

After the session, they would feel light and would be comfortable. This is a tried and trusted method with the adults, when they feel calm after their energy has been released, why won’t the child be comfortable after the release of their energy?

Find out what’s bothering your child?

Very young children do not know how to share their feelings and often show tantrums. You need to understand what the child wants. If the reason behind the child’s tantrums is clear, you can easily pacify the child.

Here communication is the barrier, make the child learn to express himself. Try teaching the child to signal you what he wants, even if you get a faint idea that would work. This will not happen overnight, you will need to spend time with the child. Whenever your child points out at something to you, you would know what the child is hinting at.

These are tested tricks for checking the tantrums of children, try them to make your child comfortable and you will get relief simultaneously.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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