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Ten wisest animals that have been blessed by universe

<![CDATA[Animals are also intelligent enough to understand the ways of human beings. A few such animals have shocking abilities that can really match humans. Researchers all over the world have come up with some dramatic results to prove that the animals do have intelligent.

Dogs envy

Dogs get jealous when their owners embrace each other. A 2008 study by an Austrian scientists shows that dogs have certain signs of feeling jealous. They even show signs of physical annoyance and stress. Dogs love to watch television and listen to music too. They even have the ability to remember their favorite tunes and TV shows. (Source)

Size does not matter


The size of the brain does not really matter.  Honeybees have the ability to differentiate between objects of different shapes and sizes even with a smaller size of their brain. (Source)

Dogs remember their masters


Dogs are not only faithful to their masters but remember them when they are not there. The behavioral processes journal published a research proving that dogs remember their owners. The twelve dogs in the research reacted strongly towards the smell of their owners even more than it reacted to smell of other dogs and other human beings. (Source)

Friends’ forever


Horses can always be your good friends. They can be friend for a lifetime. A study by Carol Sankey of the University of Rennes shows that horses can learn and memorize human words. They hear human voices more clearly than even a dog. All they need is that you treat them nice and friendly and they can be your friends forever. (Source Image)

Good at Maths


Stanley Coren of the University of British Colombia says that dogs can learn simple mathematical calculations and can even catch simple errors. They have the ability to learn around 165 words. (Source Image)

Short-term memory

Rats have a short-term memory just like RAM or a computer system. A research done at International School of Advanced Studies shows those rats can store the data temporarily. They respond to the vibrations with their whiskers as humans do with their fingers. (Source Image)

What’s in


Have you heard that chimpanzees can start fashion trend. It is true.  A study published in Animal Cognition revealed a fact that chimpanzees actually learn fashion trends like humans do. This study was conducted on Julie a female chimpanzee who influenced all other chimps to learn poking grass into both her ears. Chimps followed this act even long after her death. (Source)

Cheer up


A studied published in PeerJ Journal shows that like humans elephants try to comfort the other in their group who were feeling down and low. The study included a group of six elephants and the researchers even noticed that elephants were making strange sounds to cheer up their friends. (Source)

Memory of a lifetime


Cats shape their personality type according to their experiences. It is similar to human beings. Good experiences turn them into friendly cats whereas their life saving encounters with other animals and human can make them aggressive and unfriendly for good. (Source )

Wiser them


Researchers from an American University have been able to train a group of pigs to play video games. This ability has never been seen with primates earlier. Pigs are not only social animals but they are easy to train as well. Another amazing fact about pigs is that they can remember their names as well. They even dream when they sleep which is another human like features among this intelligent animal. (Source Image)]]>

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