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Ten remarkable ways the weather shows its power

<![CDATA[The mysteries of universe are never-ending. Whenever you feel that you know enough, universe hits you with something that shocks you even more. However, everything in the universe is remarkable but there a few phenomenons that leaves you speechless. They say the universe has its own way of dealing with things and we truly can see that.

The Everlasting Storm


In Venezuela, the place where the Catatumbo River starts flowing with Maracaibo Lake, a storm appears which seems almost never ending. The lightning sparks strike the clouds 140 to 160 nights in a year. It is not that the lightning comes and goes away, it occurs almost 280 times in an hour and you can’t miss it, since it lasts almost 10 hours a night. Generating a lot of Ozone, it is the single such source of Ozone on the whole planet. (Source)

Morning glory clouds


The clouds that appear like a mob of rolled clouds emerge occasionally only and that too at different parts of the world at different times. (Source)

Finger of death


You must have witnessed icicles that hung from the roof but have you ever seen icicles under water? Theses icicles that hang underwater are risk to the species living underwater on the surface but are marvelous for sure. (Source)

Lenticular Clouds


It gives the impression of aliens coming in their UFOs. The big circle of a fog that gives the impression of layered clouds covering up the mountain. (image)

Light pillars


The light pillars are formed in the sky mostly in cold weather and some such pillars can be formed by man-made light too. The ice crystals released in the air trick the eyes to give the impression of light pillars in the sky. (Source)

Aurora Borealis


The large particles from the sun come down to the upper surface of the earth seem like the magical firecrackers thinning out the light up above in the air. (Image)

Forzen Methane Bubbles


The organic matter falling to the bottom form the methane bubbles in water. Frozen water looks scenic when the gas is caught in them. (Image)

Nieve penitente


The penitent snow or Nieve Penitente can actually be 1 to 6 meters tall. These are flattened snow columns that are wider at the base but not at the tip. (Source)

Fire whirls


Tornadoes become deadly when they catch fire. Theses fire whirls can cause massive destruction by spreading flames all around. One such fire whirl in Tokyo killed 38,000 people in 1923. (Source)



Geysers are hot water springs that erupt time to time after building up a lot of pressure and throw a thin layer of water up in the air. Yellowstone National Park has witnessed the highest geyser ever that went 90 meters up in the air. (Source)

Fire Rainbow


For a complete one hour, People witnessed the fire rainbow in Idaho, America. The fire rainbow appears in the sky when the sun goes more than 58degree above the horizon. After passing through the clouds, the light takes different directions as if coming through a prism. (Source)]]>


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