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Teach your kids to practice gratitude in their lives

Most people give more preference to teach good manners to their kids but do not understand that virtue of gratitude takes their kids a long way in life. Gratitude brings joy in their lives regardless of what they are going through. Gratitude helps your kids improve their relationships and make them value the happy moments of everyday life. Here are a few tips to teach your kids to practice gratitude in life:

Teach your kids to be grateful

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Kids observe and learn the behavior patterns of their parents. It is important that you practice gratitude in your life to make your kids follow your footsteps. You must teach them the value of gratefulness as it makes them appreciate their blessings and move them forward on path of success. Parents must tell their kids that they must be grateful for what they have in their lives as it strengthen their efforts.

Make them earn rewards

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Those parents who always fulfill the demands of their kids fail to understand that it conveys a wrong message to their kids. Such kids usually think they only need to make their parents aware of their needs and requirements. These kids may not take things easily. Make your kids aware of the value of money and tell them that they must learn to work hard. You can also introduce the concept of earning rewards. Ask your kids to help you clean their room or buy grocery at a nearby store to earn rewards. Such habits take your kids a long way in life. Remember the more you give them, the harder it is to teach them gratitude in life. Give them an option to save money to buy their favorite toys.

Start with a simple routine

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Those parents who teach their kids to say grace before meals often find it easier to inculcate gratefulness into their kids. You must make your kids aware that many people work hard to bring food to your table. Those kids who watch their parents work hard to make two ends meal appreciate every little blessing they have in their lives. Remember, the big change always starts with small acts like saying thank you in your everyday life.

Find everyday moments

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There are times when you struggle with water supply or electricity goes out due to bad weather. Such situations are the best examples to teach your kids that things that most people take for granted are really so valuable. They must be thankful for bright sunshine, pleasant weather and the opportunity to play with their dog in the nearby park.

Tell your kids that there are kids who go hungry for days, open up their eyes in orphan age homes and do not have time to play with other kids, as they have to work all day long to feed their families. You can also give them examples of third world countries to make them understand.

Teach them to respectful and polite

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It is quite oblivious that to set good examples for your kids you have to bring about some positive changes in your life too. When parents are rude to others around them, they cannot teach their kids to be polite and soft-spoken. Remember, your words are not as influential as your actions especially when kids are around. When you show respect to your elders, coworkers and other family members, kids watch and learn.

You may find it very difficult to see your kids struggling to earn rewards in everyday life but you must make them aware that everyone does not have luck on his/her side. Life could be different if you practice gratitude and pass it on to your kids so that they also live a complete and contented life.


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