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Sony Ericsson releases two green phones and a Bluetooth Handsfree

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Sony Ericsson has just recently bolstered its GreenHeart portfolio with the inclusion of an eco-friendly line of mobile phones, and a Bluetooth Handsfree. The phones, dubbed as Elm and Hazel, are made from recycled plastic and they do not contain any hazardous chemicals. Supplied with energy-efficient chargers and a battery that holds up to 10 hours of talk time in GSM mode or 3 hours of talk time in video mode, is impressive, to say the least.

Summing up their eco-credentials:

sony green phone 2

Certain features, some already mentioned above, make Sony Ericsson Elm phone, the Sony Ericsson Hazel phone and the VH700 beneficial for environment. Here are a few:

• E-manual in phone

Free from hazardous chemicals

Low power consumption charger (EP300 GreenHeart™)

Green calculator

Minimized packaging

Condensed user guide (VH700)

Waterborne paint (VH700)

sony green phone 3

Offering Sony Ericsson GreenHeart™ phones to our customers has been a part of our strategy to integrate sustainability across all our products and services thereby helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint.

Says Steve Alder as he focuses on the need of eco-innovations on a regular basis.

Sony Ericsson has also announced to make all of its accessories comply with GreenHeart™ norms fully by 2011.

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