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Some suggestions to make your home safer from theft

<![CDATA[With increase in usage of drugs across the world it’s vital to theft proof our home. Even though a totally theft proof house is not possible, taking some few easy steps can scare away even most hardened criminal from breaking into one’s home.

Check every door and make sure they have locks

Check every part and ensure the locks are working properly. One of the most ignored parts of dead bolt is actually the anchor point at the doorframe. This anchor point must be mounted on the studs behind doorframes with steel screws that go up to the stud.

Check every window to ensure they are locked

Windows are a bit difficult to secure since all a thief has to do is simply break the window glass. Ensure there’s nothing near the window which might help a robber enter, for instance a table that will allow him to climb inside easily. Ensure there’s nothing outside your window which might give the criminal access to your house, for instance a chair or an air conditioner. In addition, clear any bush or shrubs that would enable a thief to conceal any of his activities from the neighbors or passers-by.

Place motion lights outside the residence

This is perhaps the greatest deterrent in your home. Placing motion light does not only act as prevention but also assist the police whenever they patrol the area and alert them of suspicious activities near the area.

A monitored alarm system

This is probably a great addition to your residence and most probably the best prevention. However, the necessary monthly costs may keep several individuals from securing their residence. With such systems, whenever somebody breaks into a home an audible or a silent alarm will sound and the monitoring center will contact the police. One big disadvantage to the system is its monthly fee.

An unmonitored audible alarm system

An alternative to the above would be an audible alarm system that is not monitored. When that system is installed, there are no monthly costs. The system has an audible alarm that will alert your neighbors and probably send the thieves running. One disadvantage of this is that no monitoring center is notified and if the neighbors fail to hear the alarm or contact the police, nobody will actually respond.

Summary Taking the aforementioned simple steps certainly help to prevent crime and will ensure everyone’s safety. There is a wide range of devices available for the security of the home, yet some common ideas like locking doors and windows can go a long way in making your home burglar proof.]]>

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