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Smart travel looks you can learn from celebrities

Airports are certainly one of the places where you get to see stars dressed in style, and there are some who seem to give more importance to comfort than style. They realize the importance of a comfortable travelling outfit. Celebrities display a perfect combination of glamour and comfort through their dressing. If you also want to get smart travel looks then check out the following celebrity styles:

Gwyneth Paltrow 

While walking the jetway, Gwyneth Paltrow looked every bit comfortable yet classy. She wore a cool and casual grey colored sweater over black pants. The other things noticeable were her black glares, black leather boots, and the sexy red shoulder bag.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart not only manages to stun everybody with her chic looks but also with her not so chic and comfortable looks at the airport. She was caught on the camera at the airport, wherein she looked every bit lovable and comfortable. The smart travel look that she opted for was a grey sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, a backpack, black cap, and the most comfortable of all – those canvas sneakers. From tip to toe she looked good and at ease.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson does not look bad even without her makeup. She looked too cute at the airport all set to catch a fight at JFK International Airport. She put on a nice and a comfortable looking boho dress with a jacket on top. For the footwear, she chose to wear ankle length boots with slight heel, and she looked lovely.

Miranda Kerr

She is someone who does not believe to dress just fine for the flights, rather she dress chic all the time. She wore a beautiful knee length floral dress while travelling back from Japan to New York. Miranda looked every inch gorgeous in her floral dress, a knee length coat around her shoulders, a handbag, and skin colored stilettos.

Anne Hathaway

She is an Oscar winner but when it comes to dressing up for a journey, she prefers to keep it comfortable yet stylish, or probably her aura makes her look stunning even in the most basic outfit. She was caught on camera while she landed at LA International Airport with her husband Adam Shulman, she looked too cute in a casual striped top over a printed shorts. She wore comfortable flats as footwear and a brown colored cross body bag.

Taylor Swift

She is someone who hardly gets out anywhere without being properly dressed. Her travel look is something any one of you can copy, as it is an ideal stylish summer look. It is a pretty yet simple white floral dress, hair let loose with a hair band on, light brown heels, and a not to miss feature – the bright red lip color.

Rachel McAdams

She looked just perfect for air travel with bags in her hands, a bright citrus top, and a tailored jacket at the LAX airport. With her big and chic sunglasses, and knee-high boots she seemed to have an expertise in an airport style.

Alessandra Ambrosio

It seems she knows how to make herself stand out of the crowd even when she is not sporting anything too glamorous. She wore everything black except for the white jacket that she wore on top. Pulling the black strolley bag, and with a phone in one hand she looked a pretty traveler.

Laura Whitmore

Now this is what we call perfect travelling attire. Laura seems to be someone who actually knows the true value of comfort while travel. In her jeans, jacket, a hat, and flat boots she looked every bit comfortable and stylish.


We all get to learn so many fashion trends from celebrities, and one such trend is the airport style, as in the smart travel looks of celebrities that are both chic and comfortable.


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