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Slow parenting = Better parenting

Parenting style plays a pivotal part in a child’s life. The impact of parenting techniques and style affects the child development. According to psychologists, it is difficult to specify the actions of parents with the behavior of the children. There are four different dimensions of parenting; disciplinary strategies, warmth and nurture, communication styles, maturity expectations and control. In order to teach and parent your child in the best way, you must first learn and educate yourself about the consequences to make wise decisions for your kids. All parents are not the same, they may differ according to their culture, tradition, lifestyle and values which in turn makes them different in parenting. Making balance in every phase of a home is called slow parenting. Slow parenting is a process where the key to succeed is patience.

Why Slow parenting = better parenting?

In the era of competition, it becomes necessary to parent your child with perfection. Slow parenting is considered to be better parenting because in this procedure, the parent gives their children maximum time of attention and care. Slow parenting is the process where the parents provide enough space for their children to learn what is best for them. The children becomes independent to do their own things accordingly as per the close instructions of their parents.

The benefits of slow parenting are that it makes the children strong to face any competitions without the support of their parents in the long term. The children also does not need to be dependent on every other thing on their parents. In slow parenting, the parents allow their kids to do what they like to do rather than imposing on decisions on them. This may not be the best policy every time but if kept under consideration, it can be proved to be a good one. It is about giving the children space to discover and develop their own abilities rather than what parents choose and want for them. The parents offer to help and support only where it becomes too necessary for the children, otherwise they maintain a distance from the child encouraging self dependency.

By just keeping a watch over their children and not interfering in what they are doing, the child gets inspired to solve their own problems. Slow parenting allows the curiosity of the children’s mind to explore and discover things by themselves. Slow parenting is getting popular and is highly recommended in today’s competitive world as it mends the children to be independent right from the beginning and makes them tough.

Setting the pace

If any parent want to adopt the slow parenting style to nurture their children, there are many factors they have to look upon. Parents should keep their possessiveness away from their kids. Although parents should keep an eye on their kids for safety purpose, interference should be minimal. In slow parenting, parents must allow their children to open up their mind by themselves. The children must be allowed to learn in a natural way so that they can understand the true value of life. Let the child explore their creativity level so that they can discover new ideas and logic.

Animals and birds learn things by themselves without much help from their parents. It is nature’s gift to all the living beings the ability to learn new things and to survive in any critical circumstances. Same goes for human beings. Children need to be given enough time to themselves so that they could analyze situations and work accordingly. Let your children play without any stress or burden in the playground or garden so that they can explore the beauty of nature and get an idea of different things. The process might be slow if you set out your kids to explore everything by themselves, but you can always guide them. Slow parents devote maximum time and space to their children.

Bring your children some new toys or puzzles to play with but do not teach them in the first hand how to operate. Let them discover how to use those toys and games. This way, it develops the mind of the child naturally and much faster. Parents must observe how they are using their skills to learn about the new object. Under slow parenting, children are more self dependent which leads to confidence in them. While in the other parenting styles, children have to follow orders and always listen to their parents, it is different in slow parenting. It makes the children capable of facing any sort of troubles. Though all parents do not support the style of slow parenting, it comes with many advantages.

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