Plant based or inspired technology witness for a big change

Nature has always inspired the human to develop new technologies. Humans have always found clues and hints from the nature to develop the finest technologies. Researchers and scientist have found various ways to harness energy and design prototypes that replicate the design of nature. Mentioned here are some of the inventions of mankind that invariably fall under the category of eco-friendly technology and gadgets.

Plant inspired solar cell

Nature has always been the source of inspiration for the development of technology. The blueprint of the technologies finds its root in nature itself. Though it seems that nature and technology are opposite to each other but in reality the technology evolves with the deep study and of nature itself. A very common example is the aircraft. The aircraft is being designed by the inspirations been taken from the bird’s wings.

The technology will keep evolving by the explorations of the hidden secrets of nature. The University of Yale is working on one such project of green technology that would use plants cell for the development and the designing of the solar power system. This would help to generate energy that is completely carbon free making no hazards to the environment.

Electricity from living plants

Generating electricity from plants might sound unusual, however with the advent of new technology, this has become possible. The studies in the Wageningen University of Netherlands helped in the designing of this new technology that would help to generate electricity from plants in a safe and easy way. This study also reveals that generating electricity from the plants would neither cause any harm to the plants nor to the environment. Thus, imagining a cell phone being charged through the use of energy generated by plants or the electrifying your house with the usage of energy generated by your roof-top garden is not an impossible concept.

Artificial Leaf product hydrogen fuel

Image Source : Amazonaws.Com

For years, scientists and the researchers have tried to replicate the process of photosynthesis. The process of photosynthesis involves the usage of oxygen, hydrogen and sunlight to generate energy. This is the process used by the plant to generate energy for survival. Several attempts have been made by the scientists and the researchers to come up with a concept that would mimic the functioning of the photosynthesis. A group of scientists have however shown significant progress in this attempt. They have come up with a solar cell as small as a poker card that uses the same process of photosynthesis for the generation of energy.

The drone that flies like the maple

Image Source : Cdn.Slashgear.Com

Maple seeds are the new inspiration for the intelligent robotics. If you have ever seen the fall of a maple seed, you would notice the ways it gradually glides to the land. This falling of the maple seed is the inspiration for the development of a drone. Drones are unmanned flying objects that are used mostly for military investigations and reaching remote and dangerous places. The new development in the process of making drone would make it a technology that is cost efficient. The maple seed falls like a one-winged helicopter. The same idea is being replicated in making the drones that use wings to rotate and fly.

Plant Inspired Velcro

The Velcro that is being used nowadays is the inspiration being taken from nature itself. While Swiss engineer, Georges de Mestral was walking through the mountain of Alps with his dog he found burrs from the burdock plants sticking to the fur of the dog and his pants. Being an engineer he started exploring the reasons for the effective sticking of the burrs. While viewing the burrs under the microscope he found that the burrs had numerous small hooks that would fasten the fur of the dog and the fabric of his pant. Taking this as an inspiration he developed the first prototype of a Velcro with the help of cotton strips and hundreds of randomly placed hooks.

Plant-inspired Air Purifier

The plants can work as a natural purifier of air if it is being used in the right way. The capability of purification mechanism of the plants can be utilized to make your environment free from the toxic gases. The new invention of a purifier is a simple mechanism that takes the air from the environment using a fan. This fan directs the air to the plants for the process of purification. Further, it is being released thus ensuring clean and fresh air.

Nature is the source of invention of various technologies which are used in the modern times. These are eco friendly gadgets which generally cause no or less harm in the nature.


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