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North pole explorers report melting ice


With several expeditions getting to the North Pole lately, several reports on polar ice conditions are coming in. North Pole explorers like Mike Horn and Norwegian Boerge Ousland are deeply concerned about the future of the North Pole. The changes that these folks have witnessed over the years are disturbing indeed.

During the first expedition, the depth of ice was about three meters. This is the stat reported by Ousland. Now at 45 years of age, Ousland says at several places in North Pole, you have to risk a dangerous swim with all your gear. Evidently, it is about 30% thinner. Traveling on thin ice is a risky business indeed.

September of this year witnessed a drastic reduction in the percentage of ice. The ice shrank to the record smallest according to the satellite data. As a matter of fact, the shrinking ice gave way to islands that were unknown. Only a seldom expeditions can now start from the Cape Arkticheskiy. Nowadays, a helicopter ride is required to reach the ice.

I think this is unacceptable state of affairs in this part of the world. The gaps in the ice are terrible and to some explorers, it was a shock to find open ice in parts of North Pole. All this is due to the climate change and environmental degradation. Ousland recommends a kayak for future ice travelers.

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