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All that you need to know about your first periods after pregnancy

Women stop having periods during their pregnancy. Even after the delivery, she will enjoy this especially if she is breastfeeding. Typically, your dear friend should be back within 45 days but if you are breastfeeding then it may take longer for periods to make their reappearance. Do keep in mind that irrespective of the periods, your body is ovulating.

When will the periods start again?

feeding baby

When will the periods reappear largely depend on whether you are breastfeeding your child or bottle-feeding. It should be remembered that if you are not exclusively breastfeeding, then periods should reappear anywhere between four to six weeks after you have delivered your baby. If a mother is totally breastfeeding her child, then it will take a longer time for the periods to reappear.

One has to remember that there is no fixed time for the periods to return and it will depend on each woman’s body. As the child’s feeding decreases the spotting may begin. In some women, they may find blood clots. What is important to remember here is that if the flow of blood is unusually high then you must check for the same with your doctor.

Women may also experience irregular cycles. However, if the irregularities are too much or if the period does not appear for several months then it is best to check with your doctor and seek medical guidance.

What to expect?

Blood Cells

Remember that earlier on the blood that is lost will be bright red in color and also the flow will be more than normal. Slowly the flow will reduce and the color of the blood will also become lighter. Then a brownish red discharge called lochia will appear which will eventually become yellowish white. The blood flow should ideally stop after one week. A slight and light blood loss may remain for about 6 weeks after the birth and this is usually a common thing.

One must see the doctor immediately if they notice that the flow is unreasonably high or if there is an unbearable and strong odor as there can be chances of bacterial infections. Talking about flow and bacterial infections it is important that you change the sanitary pads every four hours if you wish to prevent infections.

The chances of infections are pretty strong and hence one needs to take the necessary precautions. Many women who are breastfeeding use it as a method of contraception but they must remember that it is not a full proof method. It is important to note here that though woman do not get their periods yet they ovulate during that time and hence it is not necessary that you will not get pregnant.

What needs to be remembered?

Endometriosis with woman silhouette

Overall women need to remember that there may be just many changes or there may be no changes at all in the pattern of their cycle. Periods may become heavier or lighter, due to the expansion of the uterus during pregnancy and then again it is coming back to normal may result in more cramps or in some cases there may be a reduction in the cramps. What will really happen will depend on the nature of one’s body.

Giving birth to a baby is a life-changing experience and your periods also get affected with the same. What is important is that not to get tense and remember that things will get back to normal.


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