Need friends for your extreme sports? Then try these days out


The rush of gravel, the wind in your hair, the descent through the air before a parachute turns a fall into a glide – these are the sensations that extreme sports were made for.

They’re also the sensations that make normal people think extreme sports enthusiasts are insane, and you can kind of see their point – chucking yourself out of a plane or careering down a snowy mountain with two glorified sticks attached to your feet does seem a bit mental when you think about it.

But if you’re an adrenaline junkie, there’s nothing better than sharing some of the fun. So, what extreme sports can you persuade your warier friends to give a go?

Hop on a Segway


While you might not be able to get your pals to ride a bullet-fast dirt bike or a clunking quad bike, there’s always a slower, but equally exhilarating, ride on a Segway.

Provided by sports pioneers Segway Active, a day out with these two-wheeling curios is rife with fun and exhilaration.

For the best Segway Active days out, engage with your instructors and hit the course with a gutsiness usually reserved for 80s action movies. Think of the humble Segway as a gateway extreme sport, ideal for old hands and beginners alike.

Hit the waves

Whether you’re on the beaches of Brighton or the sunny sands of Australia, surfing is the perfect way to get your friends to enjoy the thrill of the waves.

Take them to the ocean on a mild day when the waves aren’t choppy to get them started. Then, before you know it, they’ll have gained a taste for the sport that won’t be sated by a measly ripple in the water.

Soon, you and your pal will be tackling the ocean for new thrills, riding a near-tsunami without breaking a sweat.


From rocks to boulders

Rock-climbing can move from the mundane to the extreme with the simple addition of height.

Across the UK, there are numerous indoor rock-climbing venues for you and your friends to try, ranging from small heights for beginners to sheer drops that could give even the steeliest person vertigo.

But if you fancy something even more thrilling, try bouldering, an adrenaline pumping venture that’s essentially rock-climbing without the use of safety ropes or harnesses.

Available from numerous places across the UK, bouldering is as extreme as they come but, provided you do it with professionals, can be safe and fun.]]>

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