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You necessarily need not to go Solar to Support Green Energy

Most of us like to support solar energy in order to do out bit to save the environment. However, the costs involved in setting up solar panels on rooftops are too high for us to consider the option. Need not to worry though, for there are plenty of ways in which one can support solar energy without necessarily supporting solar or installing solar panels. Accordingly, here are some cost effective options that would help advance our cause without pinching our pockets.

Investing in Green Energy

Many new wind or solar energy industries do not have access to capital to progress in their respective fields. As such, investing directly in these renewable energy industries can help the latter stand against the fossil fuel incumbents and level the playing field. Would be investors can choose from several potential options for the same purpose. These include crowd-funding platforms like Mosaic and green minded banks investing in clean energy. The good thing about investing in green energy is that no dollar invested in these industries goes into traditional financial institutions, meaning that along with supporting green energy, one would be able to bolster the fossil fuel divestment initiative as well.

Supporting Companies that Consume Green Energy

Supporting companies that support and follow green initiatives can also help you support solar energy indirectly. A number of renowned companies around the world are switching to cleaner, greener manufacturing processes in order to spearhead the green movement. For instance, Apple consumes clean energy while Google is currently investing in solar. IKEA has been using massive solar roofs while most of New Belgium is wind powered. Thereby, buying services and goods from these green companies can help one both reward the green energy leaders and encourage others to change to greener approaches.

Buying Green Energy Credits

One can choose to buy green energy credits that would help him/her give back renewables equivalent to the family’s consumption of electricity and other forms of energy. Companies like NC Green Power in North Carolina specialize in green energy credits for those interested in this option. Even clean energy providers in certain deregulated energy markets allow individuals to buy green power in some form or the other.

Donating to Renewable Charities


Plenty of renowned charities have dedicated themselves to empower the world with the help of solar energy. One can easily get in touch with these organizations to find out ways in which he/she can donate for a charitable cause that involves green energy. For instance, an organization that dedicates itself to helping provide light to African communities via solar lightings is a cause worthy of donation.

Reducing Energy Consumption


A great way to start the clean, green movement in the comfort of one’s home is to try reducing the household’s energy consumption. Simple things like switching off fans and light bulbs when not in use and insulating the home properly to avoid leaks can help ease the pressure on the energy grid and the excess demand on energy. Doing so would reduce coal consumption and make it easier to add more renewables to the energy system.

Voting for Clean Energy Drives


Unless we start taking a stand on things, we cannot expect things to change. As such, one would need to support as well as vote for leaders who are more intent on adopting cleaner, greener practices rather than just filling up their treasury. Therefore, while almost every one out there speaks about green initiatives, voting for someone who actually practices what he/she preaches would help us reach our goal faster and make the earth a better place to live for future generations.


While going green is something everyone wants to do, the cost of installing solar panels on rooftops or investing in solar energy can be too high to manage. These alternate options would help you do your bit for the environment without spending too much money in the process.


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