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Menir Concept House: A dash of green energy for the Flintstones!

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It is hard to imagine that someone would actually like to live in a concept home like Menir House, but it seems totally acceptable and even ingenious if you look at it as a recreational beach house or a blueprint for a series of individual weekend homes on an island in the Caribbean or Hawaii. Designed by Andreas Angelidakis, this is akin to bringing Bedrock and Flintstones alive in the modern times and giving them a green turn by using both solar and wind energy. The rock shaped homes are both creatively brilliant in form and beautifully green in function.

The modern home is a portable vacuum-formed polyurethane shell that will be filled with sea water in the outer shell to create a natural insulator. This ensures that the interiors always have moderate temperature and conserves energy enormously. The crowning feature though is the integration of wind and solar power on the photovoltaic umbrella that is on top of the structure. Swaying to the tunes of the wind, its leaves can converge and open up as and when required.

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The photovoltaic cells both produce solar power and spin around to harness wind energy. The concept does look far fetched, but one hopes dearly that at least a few of these Menir Homes roll out as concepts. Maybe Walt Disney will wish to sponsor this one…just maybe.

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