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GEM: Zero-energy mobile machine to convert waste into energy

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Converting all industrial waste into energy in complete terms is obviously something that is impossible, but most of the industrial waste can be often turned into energy in some small form. But the problem with such systems is that they are generally bulky, require plenty of energy themselves to run and produce pollution themselves at times. But IST Energy has an absolute gem of a machine (Which appropriately has the same acronym) that transforms waste into energy with ease and mobility. The machine is self- sufficient as it produces the energy that it needs to keep running.

Green Energy Machine (GEM) sports a single stream recycling and gasification unit that turns two tons of trash into energy each day. The four-stage waste processor takes in paper, plastic, food, wood and agricultural materials and converts them into energy pellets that are further broken down to create energy. The unit is mobile, ensuring that you can use it at various locations. Being carbon-negative, GEM is an absolute boon for modern industries and would help them immensely in their bid to deal with waste.

Via: Goodcleantech

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