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Mastering the makeup trick of the seductive cat eyes

trick of the seductive cat eyes

Right as a tiny girl you may have tried applying eyeliner to your eyes to make them look pretty. Perfect makeup for the eyes is one of the most important aspects of flawless makeup. All women have at some point or the other tried out the cat eyes look. Though getting the perfect seductive cat eyes is no child’s play,one can be rest assured that with proper practice one can surely perfect the art.

Things you should know

  • If you are attempting the cat eye makeup then the first thing to consider is the shape and size of the eyes. Like if you have small eyes then go for the curvy shape so that your eyes look bigger. If you have natural large eyes, try the triangular shape.Those who have an extra fold should go for the curvy shape. One must try the triangular shape if you don’t have those extra folds and have shallow creases.
  • Next, while you apply the liner make sure not to pull your skin. Though this may seem easy to apply the liner but it is not at all a good idea.
  • Make sure that the angles of the wings of both the eyes are exactly the same. This is very important else the makeup will look absolutely horrible.
  • One has to maintain the length of the wing. Remember it should not be very long neither should it be very short.

Steps to the Perfect Cat Eye

  • From the outer corner draw a line and end it at an angle. You can also start from above the eye and draw a downward line. Make sure that angle is sharp because when you open the eyes the line is obviously going to look small.
  • Now draw a line such that it connects the top of the flick and the lash line. This will create a triangle shape.
  • Once you have the triangle shape take the liquid liner and fill the triangle completely. Take care that you fill it up with enough liquid eyeliner so that is has a smooth finish and does not appear smudgy.
  • Next, apply the eyeliner from the triangle to the inner corner of the eye. Apply it similar to how you normally apply eyeliner but the only precaution to take here is that the eyeliner has to be thinner near the inner corner of the eye and thicker at the triangle portion.
  • Now check if it looks OK. There might be mistakes and smudges. Don’t worry simply take eyeliner remover and remove it and reapply. If there are some minor faults then just a touch-up and removing the smudges slowly will do.
  • Let the eyeliner dry completely. Once the liner has dried you can apply mascara to finish off the perfect look.
  • Follow the same steps for the other eye. After you have mastered the art of perfect eye make up for cat eyes you can use it woo your beau on a date or flaunt it at a party and look like a diva.

Are there any precautions to be taken?

Not many but yes keep few things in mind like

  • One important precaution to be taken here is that the angle and shape for both the eyes have to be the same. This may be difficult initially but as they practice makes you perfect, you have to just keep practicing to get it right.
  • Last but not the least use the product and materials with which you and your eyes are comfortable.

Seductive cat eyes have been a part of fashion trend for many years and will remain so for many more years. When perfectly done nothing can match the sultry and hot look that help bring in your entire persona. So follow the simple steps and tips and master the art of the perfect seductive cat eye makeup.

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