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Make the central heating system soundproof

<![CDATA[Those who live in extremely cold conditions would be able to say how much of a blessing a central heating system is.  With the help of a central heating system, the home can be warmer and thus comfortable. You can sit inside your warm home and enjoy the chilled weather outside. A central heating system does require good maintenance from time to time. It is better to rectify smaller mistakes than waiting to make it so large that it cannot be repaired at all. Installing a central heating system can be pretty expensive, so it is better to pay attention to its regular maintenance.

When the central heating system becomes cranky

An efficient central heating system is the one that works quietly. If you hear any kind of noises from the heating system that means it needs immediate attention. If attended to early, you might be able to fix up the problem yourself and if you wait without taking any action, you will have to get a new central heating system.

Are you hearing a tapping noise from your central heating system? Or is it a gurgling noise or does it appear to be banging itself? Even small noises like humming or tapping need to be attended to at its earliest.

Fix the noises as early as possible

Listen to the sounds and noises coming from the central heating system and accordingly you will be able to know what kind of problem there is and you can fix it.

The banging noise of the central heating system usually comes from its pipes. It has to be checked if the pipes are fitted well. If they are not fitted properly, then they might hang loose causing the noise. Even if the position of the pipes is not right, it can cause clanging noises. It might happen due to pressure difference and it can be rectified by refilling the system.

The humming sound usually comes from the boiler of the system. The noise can emanate if the timing is not set correctly or the pressure applied is not right. Check the thermostat and reduce the speed. This can probably rectify the humming sound.

The tapping sound comes from the radiators in the central heating system. It happens when the radiators are filled with air. Once the air is removed, this noise will cease to exist.

DIY only if you are confident

Though the above correction methods can be done by yourself, engage in it only if you are confident of doing it. It is always better to seek professional help in case of any problem with the central heating system.

Summary: When noises emerge out of a central heating system, it often means that the system has to be checked and the problem rectified. Solutions can often be easy, but if you are not confident, choose to call a technician rather than going the DIY route.]]>


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