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How to maintain your car in a sustainable manner

maintain your car in a sustainable manner

Many countries have come up with alternative solutions like car-pooling, effective public transportation services, less fuel consuming vehicle or proper maintenance of the vehicles to prevent excess fuel consumption. Some of the tips mentioned below will help you maintain your car and use it in an eco-friendly manner.

Fewer load in the car

Fewer load in the car:

Many a time, people dump luggage and other useless stuff in the backside space of the car for many days. It is either ignored or forgotten. By clearing this entire luggage out of the car, one can save 2% of the fuel for every 100 pounds that is a substantial quantity when taken as a whole.

Slowing down the speed:  

Speeding car is a thrill and adventure. However, it is hard on the vehicle. Faster the speed, the more the fuel is used. If you are on a long road trip, it is always necessary to maintain the speed of the car and keep it low. High speed or variation in the speed can cause extra use of fuel. As the UCS (Union Concerned Scientists) have mentioned, if the car slows down to 55mph, it can increase the efficiency of the fuel by 30.6%.

Idle engines use more fuel

Idle engines use more fuel:

You can see a lot of advertisements and messages by government authorities to shut down your engines if stuck in slow moving traffic or signals. The reason behind this is that an idle engine consumes more fuels and takes you nowhere. The effective way to drive in slow traffic or signals is to turn the car off and restart it when needed.

Maintain your car regularly:

Maintaining your car at regular interval is a good alternative for prolonged life of your vehicle. Spending on maintenance is better than spending on fuel, which is bad for the environment. Regularly maintained cars increase efficiency of the fuel and reduce carbon emissions. You can maintain your car on your own. You do not need to take them to the car service centre always. A well and regularly maintained car makes it 19% greener.

Ride smoothly

Ride smoothly:

Riding your car smoothly is the most important tip. You should not press your brake hard or accelerate harshly to start your car, as it can reduce the mileage of the car tremendously. This in turn increases the consumption of the fuel.


Rising population have caused growing need of fuel that has increased the fuel prices. Moreover, the more fuel we use, the more it affects the environment. Hence, use these tips to maintain your car and thus protect the environment.

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